Long-Term, Hands-On Training in Sustainable Farming for Families in the Tropics to Improve Nutrition and Food Security

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Long-term technical assistance is necessary for subsistence farmers in the tropics to improve family nutrition and achieve lasting food security while also restoring the natural environment. Sustainable Harvest International’s joint approach to the social, economic and environmental factors that often lead to family malnutrition is innovative, effective and efficient.

Terra Preta

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A idéia é criar uma cidade cientifica na Amazonia Brasileira ( Manaus?) onde cientistas se reuniriam para recriar a terra preta dos índios da Amazônia; de forma paralela, os cientistas estariam trabalhando com as comunidades locais para desenvolver formas de desenvolvimento sustentável para a região.

Improved Nutrition

Every house should have empty land or roof garden/kichen garden in their houses. The rain water harvest set up should be in the house while optaining registration.
Healthy Food, Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Environment and Faith & Prayer(Meditation/Yoga) will give HEALTHY BODY & MIND and Success in life.

New Educational System

Healthy Food, Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Environment and Faith & Prayer(Meditation/Yoga) will give HEALTHY BODY & MIND and Success in life.
The parents should be their role model,since they are our best mimic.
Within 2 kms. the children should walk to the school

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In India, the Women's Self Help Group was formed few years back. They shared everything with one another and get a solution to overcome the problem. But for which, we need to educate and motivate them and lead them in the right way in order to give fruitful result to the society and their family.
The trafickling and elopment is reduced. But the false cases are filled against innocent men. Such exploitation should be avoided. But child labour is increasing, since the mother is busy with SHG. Idleness increase.



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The Real Food Campaign

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The Real Food Project is a collaborative effort of growers, distributors and consumers to ensure the availability of nutrient dense real food. Local farmers will be recruited and a series of lectures and hands-on workshops will assist and support them towards implementing the practices of growing nutrient dense foods.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Forests; Nutritious, Delicious Rainforest Food for School Lunches affects Health, Environment and Economy

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Healthy Kids, Healthy Forests is a new development paradigm which incorporates Maya Nut, a native rainforest food into school lunch programs in Central America. By positioning this locally sourced rainforest superfood in the school lunch market, HKHF improves children’s health, women’s incomes, local economies and rainforest conservation

Healthy Kids, Healthy Forests: Rainforest Food School Lunches for Health, Conservation and Rural Prosperity in Central America

Healthy Kids, Healthy Forests is an innovative market-driven rainforest restoration program which motivates communities to reforest with Maya Nut, a native, nutritious, delicious rainforest tree seed. By targeting schools as the market, HKHF ensures a consistent and reliable local market for Maya Nut products from rural women’s cooperatives.