Hawaii Farmers Union: Growing Radical Roots in GMO-Occupied Islands!

Here in Hawaii, place of more endangered and endemic species than anywhere - there are more unregulated GMO field tests than anywhere else as well! We are growing the newest branch of the radically progressive 107 year old National Farmers Union- advocating for family farmers, fishers and rural communities through its grasroots policy and 3-fold mission of Education, Cooperation and Legislation. The GMO and Biotechnolgy policy is conservative and provides us with the mandate to address this issue form NFU's farmer-authoritative perspective.

GE Free Yukon

GE Free Yukon is a close knit collaboration of farmers, social activists and consumers whose motivation is to keep the Yukon a GE crop free zone. Without mandatory labeling there is a need for a focused ubiquitous movement to create a GE Free region


The Campaign can end the genetic engineering of the food supply by creating a tipping point of consumer rejection of brands with GMOs. It already educates consumers about the health risks and provide clear non-GMO choices through GMO Health Risks brochures and printed Non-GMO Shipping Guides. Using its new online Non-GMO Shopping Guide, the Campaign will build a coalition of consumer, environmental, sustainable agriculture, health and healthcare groups to be campaign partners and use viral networking to mobilize millions of consumers.


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Non-GMO Project

Our idea is a voluntary labeling program giving consumers the right to choose non-GMO food and products. Working with a broad range of stakeholders, we have created a consensus-based Standard and a third-party verification program for non-GMO products. A “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal will identify compliant products starting this fall.

The Organic & Non-GMO Report

Monthly publication focuses on the genetically modified food debate. Publication mission is to provide information to ensure a safe, healthy, and sustainable food supply. Helps educate farmers, food manufacturers, food retailers, and consumers about the risks of GM foods and provides information about non-genetically modified (non-GMO) food options. Another publication, The Non-GMO Sourcebook, provides the world's only "farm to fork" directory on non-GMO seed, grains, food ingredients, and food products.


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Medicina Tradicional Amazonica en el tratamiento de adicciones. Centro Takiwasi

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Takiwasi, centro de tratamiento de toxicómanos, abrió sus puertas en 1992 en lo que fue la primera zona mundial de producción de PBC. Su modelo terapéutico intercultural, innovador y eficaz incorpora los conocimientos de la medicina y psicoterapia modernas con el saber médico empírico ancestral de los pueblos nativos amazónicos.