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Forest Gardens Campaign

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Forest Gardens Campaign is a project that aims at improving on the nutritional standards of local community members, increasing the level of youths involvement in agriculture, discouraging poor and unsustainable farming practices, encouraging the planting of tree and fighting climate change by practically teaching, encouraging and assisting communities to act.

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Growing Power Africa Initiative

The Growing Power Africa Initiative will strengthen food security for school children and their care givers in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  The program involves building a new model of local food systems to ensure adequate nutrition in the short-term and build a long-term foundation for competitive African human capital in the global market place.



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Community based fish farming: a public private partnership with great opportunities for mixed farming

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Since August 2007, we have worked with rural community groups  in central Kenya to utilize idle land and unemployed youth in fish farming, creating employment, source of protein, and reducing poverty. To guarantee quality project management, our company  manages the projects on behalf of the groups.

Roleta Genética


O mais completo livro sobre os riscos documentados dos alimentos transgênicos,de Jeffrey Smith,jornalista americano que juntou 65 estudos internacionais feitos a respeito dos transgênicos.Prefácio do livro feito pelo prof Mohamed Habib,da Unicamp.É o breve histórico da autorização dos transgênicos no Brasil mostra o escândalo em que vivemos,e os principais protagonistas.

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