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Drinking water for all

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The goal of Green Anhui’s water sanitation program is to provide a solution to the pollution problem in Huai River and the drinking water crisis. By educating the target community on proper water sanitation techniques, water sanitation practices.

Let's rethink!

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The problem we are addressing is the future! All of us at Simtivo believe that not enough is being done for global warming, education, child development, and our lifestyles today. Our solution is to be a source of online trust for people who are serious about rethinking their everyday lives.

Waste to Wealth

According to the World Bank, Africa generates nearly 75 million tonnes of waste every year. As the income and spending power of the average African continues to rise, more goods will be consumed leading to even more waste.

Environmental Sustainability


At Green Peace Initiative, we are poised to ensure environment is green and sustainable at all time. A green search conducting in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria shows that the environment is full of unsustainable practices to inhibit human development.
Developing solution to it is our priority and A MUST

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Spread environmental awareness with social inclusion and work opportunities, generating income for a growing number of people at social risk, through the reverse logistics of waste.