Justiça ambiental


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With a steady increase in world wide population and ever changing climate, growing enough nutrient enriched crops is and has been forecast to be even more problematic than once thought. NEW solutions to produce better yielding crops in varying conditions will help feed the masses and the soil.



GROW HQ is a food empathy project being created by GIY (Grow it Yourself), an emerging global network of 50,000 food growers. It is a place where people can come to learn about home-grown food, and to grow, cook, and eat it. GROW HQ is a training centre, farm shop, cafe and urban food garden.

Engineering Leadership Council

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Infrastructure shapes our communities and our lives. In the 21st century it is economically and technically possible for engineering infrastructure projects to build thriving communities that enrich social wellbeing in balance with environment. However, ”the way it has always been done” often impedes innovation in the development on infrastructure, which hinders vibrant communities from being built.

Nalda Comunidad Cuidadora

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Programa dirigido a toda la comunidad de Nalda y su entorno para capacitarnos como comunidad cuidadora y ofrecer y recibir el apoyo mutuo para convertirnos en agentes de salud, mejorar la salud de toda la comunidad y ofrecer nuestro modelo a otras comunidades.


YOLO Pies is a youth run pilot program that grows organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs and sells value added organic products to the local Washington DC community. Our pilot product, launched in fall 2012, was our award winning sweet potato pie.