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Growth Through Energy and Community Health – Creating Platforms of Opportunity

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We seek to create new economic opportunity in distressed urban communities by targeting environmental liabilities (such as vacant, blighted land) in order to create relevant and meaningful platforms for education, training and employment. We hope to grow the green economy from the rubble of urban decay by investing tangible, incremental strategies that simultaneously improve environmental conditions, increase social inclusion, and generate economic benefit.

Green Prison Project

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The Ohio Green Prison Project (OGPP) offers green job-training programs for incarcerated individuals that reduce prisons’ environmental impact and operating costs. Research shows that stable employment is an important factor in reducing recidivism. We provide people with job and soft-skills training and the opportunity to earn industry certifications in a growing field, to put them on a promising career path upon release.

Ahimsak leather

I wish to change the way we treat our flora and fauna. I want us to respect life in every form and shape and try and minimize the harms as much as we can. I hope to see a world filled with compassion and humanity. As per National Dairy Development Board of India the total bovine population was 283.1 million in 2003. And there are many that die on the streets of India everyday for numerous reasons. While they die their bodies keep rotting increasing pollution and awaiting decent burial. But on the other hand there are many healthy bovines that are killed solely for leather.

Cycle Chalao!

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We wish to establish and run Bicycle Sharing Systems in Developing Countries. By Collaborations with Public Authorities and Corporates we will be starting Public Bicycle Sharing Systems in Urban Areas.

A Walk Towards Lighting Billion Lives

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My organisation started working considering environmental impact factor , cost effectiveness of the concept and at the same time sustainable profitability is achieved. I have used the word sustainability so be clear that my organisation is not hardcore profit oriented but at the same time i am not doing charity or social work its pure business, rather sustainable business.As far as the designing of shoe charger is considered so considering market viability and the way it can address some of the grooving problems prevailing in the society.

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Fundación Espavé

Promueve el desarrollo de iniciativas de base comunitaria para el aprovechamiento, manejo sostenible, desarrollo socioeconómico y valorización de los ecosistemas de bosque mediante el desarrollo de cadenas de valor con productos de la biodiversidad bajo esquemas de distribucion justa y equitativa de beneficios. Articulan las comunidades con mercados regionales así como también el establecen alianzas entre empresarios y comunidades para el acceso a mercados de mayor valor agregado y el desarrollo de cadenas de suministro de materias primas.


3° 48' 40.5144" N, 75° 40' 26.7744" W

Smart use of Kinetic Energy

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I want to bring changes to the world by developing new ways to use and reuse energy by using methods to leverage the effective use of kinetic energy. It can be installed on existing facilities using technology incorporating piezoelectric materials, which deform when forces such as the weight, motion or vibration of a object are applied and also gadgets in human bodies.

Mobilising Social Energy for Protecting Land Based Livelihoods

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The land use changes are occurring at a rapid pace in India. Questions are rarely raised about such large scale transformations of land. Most of these proposed changes are not communicated to people who will be affected. Even if they are informed/aware, they are unable to influence changes in the proposed land use. Through this project, we wish to continuously provide and update the land use changes on the map of India.

The Greening of Black America Initiative

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Our company has commercialized an innovative torrefaction technology, which converts plant and wood material into a renewable alternative to coal, and a feedstock from which liquid fuels, biochars and lighter, stronger and greener plastics can be made. In addition to industrial-scale processing operations, which would be located in large industrial parks and supplied by large farms and large forestry operations, ATP intends to benefit poor rural communities of color and black farmers by developing community-scale operations in targeted areas, like South Carolina's I-95 Corridor.