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Runa - Guayusa Value Chain Creation

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We believe people everywhere can benefit from the bounty of the Amazon without destroying it, and that indigenous knowledge has a critical role to play in our growth as a global community. We work with indigenous people to share the secrets of the Amazon by creating new markets for products that help the Amazon, its people, and their culture thrive. Currently, Runa is focused on creating markets for beverages created with Guayusa ("gwhy-you-sa"), a native Amazonian tree leaf that contains more caffeine and double the antioxidants of any tea.

escribeme y borrame!!!!

lo que quiero es utilizar la creatividad e imaginación para de esta manera proteger la tala de árboles en muchas partes del mundo a traves de la utilización de hojas de otro material reutilizable como lo es el plástico, con tereftalato de polietileno el cual también es reciclable, mi idea es simple se trata de una nueva forma o material para realizar los exámenes en los centros educativos.

Mandela Healthy Neighborhood Store Alliance, a community driven social enterprise

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Mandela Marketplace works in partnership with local residents, family farmers, and community-based businesses to improve health, create wealth, and build assets through cooperative food enterprises in low income communities. We advance the assessment and application of a community food system economy that strengthens community health, integrity and identity through economic opportunity and empowerment for inner-city Oakland residents and businesses, and local family farms.


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Uttarakhand is a region with great ethnic diversity. There are tribes like Jadh, Marcha, Tolcha, Shauka, Buksha, Tharu, Jaunsari, Bhotia, Raji and Gujjar Mostly dependent on agriculture, animal husbandry and handicrafts.

We want them to be competent in tapping global markets as well as the global community to see the vibrancy in a tribal community from a remote part of a huge country such as India. So, the change would be really the attitude of people, economic opportunity and global connections.

Decentralizing Micro-Loans Services for Marginalized Communities

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This project will increase opportunities for marginalized groups to access micro-loans and actively participate in local government development programmes. Initially, at least 80% of the 200 members of Prolife Uganda (a partner serving HIV+ persons) will be targeted to consolidate this idea

The project will then be scaled-up by targeting 50 small organizations in Kira Town Council through: training; transfer of start-up loans; establishing a forum for sharing experiences,advocacy and; enhancing linkages with existing service delivery systems.

Tramando Tecnologia

Trabalhadores organizados em cooperativa e associações, plantam, fiam, tecem, beneficiam sementes e costuram , criam uma grande rede, fazem valer que a cooperação faz a diferença.Todo o projeto envolve todos os elos da cadeia do algodão agroecologico e das sementes da Amazonia como adereços.São 700 trabalhadores.

Thunk in India: Innovations for a green and ethical existance: Upcycling & Empowering underprivileged communities in its process

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1) Reducing the amount to waste reaching the landfills by Up-cycling to create high-end value added products. Innovating with mainly non-biodegradable waste materials that generally find their way into landfills, and transforming them into useful, durable and well-designed day-to-day-use products,

2) Uplifting the livelihoods of Underprivileged communities (slum workers, craftsmen) by involving them in the various aspects of the project

3) Providing alternatives for conscious and ethical consumerism