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Using Foreclosure Intervention to Increase Green Homes


We want to leverage the residential foreclosure crisis in such a way that not only can more people keep their homes, but the quantity of green homes in the community will actually increase.

The project has two main features. First, we will buy first mortgages on foreclosure-threatened homes at discounts lenders would suffer if the home were foreclosed on, and then refinance the owners at current low interest rates. The refinance package will include green retrofits.

Human Rights, Citizenship and Justice for traditional maroon communities: promoting territorial rights

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The project developed by Terra de Direitos refers to a set of legal and policy strategic interventions, coordinated and implemented at multiple geopolitical levels (three different regions of Brazil), and replicated nationally, aimed at ensuring the human right of black slave-descendant communities (maroons) to traditional land regulation.


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Natural resource management and land use policies and programs of the state will recognize and promote the indigenous peoples rights to exercise actual control, management and use over their ancestral lands through their traditional justice governance and tradition consent process.

Peoples’ Initiative for Protecting Property

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This initiative will cover entire India and will capitalize on peoples’ will to emancipate from the arbitrary yoke of the government in the declaration of land entitlements. This initiative will enable people to freely exercise their property rights in their interest. Our website http://www.protectingpropertyrights.org/ is documenting land and property related news and analysis, particularly

Guardians of Sacred Lands in the Republic of Altai, Russia

During the Soviet era, native communities in Altai were forcefully removed from their native lands and brought to work and live in collective farms. Since then, these communities have been struggling to return to their original lands. The goal of the project,undertaken by Danil Mamyev and the Tengri School of Spiritual Ecology is to help these communities return to their native lands, legally reclaim their land, and build a strong local presence, which in turn, will help preserve their sacred land from potential environmental degradation.




Facilitating Holistic Land Use Pattern through FRA, 2006 in Community Interest

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The feeling of ‘community’ is being fast disintegrated with adverse impact particularly on land in the present context with encroachments of community land. Forest Rights Act, 2006 can help to facilitate holistic planning for both individual and community lands in the interest of the community by securing community land use.