Justiça ambiental

Be natural

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Encourage tourists to wear and follow the local customs. It will be fun to the tourists to feel like the locals.In other way it will help the locals to treat tourist like one of them.Make the tourists find their food with the help of locals so that minimum wildlife, coral reefs, and fisheries are consumed. It will be different experience for the tourists too. Ban plastics.Construct wooden, floating houses in way that even tsunami cant destroy them and which can be portable.

Guardiões do Pantanal

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- Projeto Guardiões do Pantanal visa à promoção turística de forma ecologicamente correta e sustentável, e um dos principais benefícios está na organização da atividade turística no local, prevendo a formatação de um roteiro turístico envolvendo as famílias ribeirinhas (serviços de hospedagem e alimentação) e qualificação profissional dos pescadores locais para a comercialização do roteiro e recepção dos turistas com consciência de preservação ambiental e adequação/reforma de uma embarcação que será utilizada para realizar o roteiro.

People's Property Campaign

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The People's Property Campaign is a grassroots initiative which seeks to reclaim community ownership of public property, redefine the public's rights to benefit from and have access to public property, and promote the use of public property for community development and public use while fighting the privatization of community land for private profit through community organizing and policy change.

Housing, Land and Property Rights for the Climate Refugees

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Over 6 million people in Bangladesh have witnessed their houses, land and properties destroyed by climatic disasters. We are working to initiate sustainable solutions to climate displacement in Bangladesh in a right-based approach incorporating housing, land and property rights as a role-model and promote this as an inherent political agenda.

GoodBank™(IO) - Launching a High-Transparency Banking Movement

GoodBank jumpstarts a high-transparency banking movement, first in the U.S., then globally. SMEs are agile at creating stories about their environmental and social impacts. SMEs need a bank that seeks, underwrites and finances their valued societal impacts. Through semantic web, GIS and impact modeling, GoodBank can improve its and its customers' impacts, thus creating a safe and sound bank.

Production of Carbon nanotubes and nanofibers from the exhaust emissions of industries and vehicles

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Production of Carbon nanotubes(CNTs)and Carbon nanofibers from the flue gases emitted by the industries and vehicles is the my main innovation.We have successfully converted the flue gas from Maruti Modern rice mill near Trichi,Tamilnadu and Neyveli Lignite corporation(Thermal Power station-1)- A central Government Undertaking to CNTs and CNFs.With our technology we were able to convert CO2 to CNT

Dual Land Reclamation Initiative


The huge mineral deposits in sub-sahara Africa call for indiscriminate mining, turning economically useful land into useless pits. Conversely, the open dumping system of waste disposal converts a potentially useful land into a useless filthy mountains of refuse and garbage. Dual Land Reclamation Initiative is founded to mobilize this waste in filling the pits while providing land for the landless.

Dual Land Reclamation Initiative

Dual Land Reclamation Initiative is a fantastic project aimed at economic development in both rural and urban areas of sub-Sahara Africa. It materialize through provision of land for the landless and purifying the environment. It achieve a dual goal, as the name of the project implies, through making waste dumping sites cleared, cleansed and available for the landless while utilizing the same waste to fill up deep pits in mining sites thereby making two plots of land available for the landless simultaneously.



10° 31' 41.628" N, 7° 25' 50.6676" E

What do we reflect?: A Community Conversation

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Engage high school students to use the placement of interactive public art to initiate community dialog regarding ethics, character development and community-building. These public works will consist of large plater castings of the six Adinkra Symbols which represent the positive core values of our Adinkra Symbol Ethics Mirror. The public will be encouraged to contribute to the dialog through email messages, photos and interviews conducted by student participants.