Justiça ambiental

KELP Environmental Learning Project

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KELP is a new sustainable livelihoods initiative, aiming to create a fun product, has a low carbon footprint and provides an opportnity for creative entreprenuers.Dried kelp pieces washed up onto the beach is turned into vuvuzelas from which soccer warriors are born. A loud statement of our commitment to being proudly South African and visionary global citizens.

What is in store for future?

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Housing is an international issue. The governments are constantly making efforts to provide housing, especially for the weaker sections of the societies, at a reasonable cost. The revolution in housing sector that is expected to happen in future would make this dream possible.

Electric and improved cycle rickshaw as a sustainable transport system for India

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An improved and electric cycle rickshaw can provide a nonpolluting and silent transport system for urban and rural areas of India.
It can also provide largescale employment to millions of urban and rural poor.
Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute has developed two types of rickshaws – improved pedal cycle rickshaw and motor-assisted pedal cycle rickshaw.

Conscientização pela Educação Formal e Ambiental para Melhoria da Qualidade de Vida Rural

Acredito, por experiência vivenciada onde atuo, que a introdução da Educação Ambiental nas Escolas Rurais, como matéria didática obrigatória no ensino fundamental básico, conscientiza o ser humano, na fase mais propícia para o desenvolvimento cognitivo e internaliza que a preservação dos recursos naturais são essenciais à vida.A conscientização supera conflitos.

Manhattan Kids Ride Club

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Manhattan Kids Ride Club is an initiative geared to encourage kids to practice and maintain healthy, active lifestyles and develop skills for navigating and exploring New York City by bike. The initiative is based on Recycle-A-Bicycle's original chapter of Kids Ride Club which is successfully entering its 15th year.

Farm School NYC

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Farm School NYC will be a formal urban agriculture training and mentorship program in New York City. The program will provide needed training to help urban farmers scale up food production with the dual purpose of creating thriving small businesses and providing healthy food in underserved communities.

Grant Avenue Community Garden Revitalization

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We want to continue to develop a socially innovative community-organizing model where we empower low income, urban community gardeners to redesign an underutilized community gardens around the community’s needs with the support of local non-profits and community partners. The Grant Avenue garden, 1 of 18 gardens permanently preserved and managed under the Bronx Land Trust, would be our 4th project

Farming Concrete: Measuring food production in NYC community gardens

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Community gardens have brought countless social and environmental benefits to their communities, but there are still no long-term plans for their preservation. Measuring how much food they grow would give light to the awe-inspiring impacts they have on health, environment, greenhouse gas reductions, education, and local identity, justifying their preservation and the creation of new gardens.