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Energy Barn-raisings: Taking Community Energy Solutions Into Our Own Hands

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Our idea is an effective collaboration of Summer of Solutions and Worcester Energy Barn-raisers on a local energy project consisting of: 2 residential Energy Barn-raisings, the creation of multi-lingual home weatherization kits, a stipended position for one "Solutionary" Summer Fellow, and an Energy Barn-raising Block Party for the end of the program.

Bikes Not Bombs Youth Leadership Pathway for Environmental Sustainability

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Bikes Not Bombs takes in about 5,000 donated bikes annually, and uses this “waste stream” of used bikes as the raw material for programs that develop youth environmental leadership. We use these bikes that would otherwise be destined for our landfills as a vehicle for individual and community transformation.

The Good Earth Singers

The Good Earth Singers (GES) is an organization dedicated to buildi local community through song, and empower that community to take positive action to improve the local and global environment. GES’s mission is to develop and support the songful celebration of our common humanity and our deep, devotional connection to the earth. GES helps anyone, regardless of experience and background, learn how to offer his/her voice in service and celebration of this loving earth on which we live. No dues or fees are required for membership, all are welcome.



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First Online Nature Club of India

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IndianWildlifeClub.com is an interactive social media portal which brings together a community of nature lovers from across the world who seek to enjoy India's natural beauty, explore it, share their experiences through social media with others and contribute towards sustaining it. We democratize the challenge of Environment conservation by making it a personal concern.

South Bronx Brook Daylighting and Restoration

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The Brook Restoration project includes daylighting a brook and restoring a wetland in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx with native plantings to support fauna, similar to the natural brook that ran through the park in the late 1800’s and known by the indigenous as "Acrahung". Rainwater harvesting from adjacent buildings will be diverted from the combined-sewer and used on sight.

The Green Light District

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The Green Light District is a 10-year initiative that will transform the Southside of Williamsburg from one of the most challenged neighborhoods in New York City to a more equitable, healthy and green community. We will demonstrate that urban communities can reduce health disparities, achieve education equity, increase indigenous artistic expression, while shrinking their carbon footprint.

NYC Environmental Campaign for Awareness + Urban Conservation

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The idea is to use art and inspired prose to draw peoples attention to NYC trees by creating tree i.d. signs. Each tree in NYC will have a sign informing you of its common and scientific name, while also featuring either an image, poem, or quote that in order to inspire a connection between ppl and nature. In a walking city like NYC, there's an opportunity to reach + teach the people on the spot.

The Oldest School, The Newest Thinking: Educating for Sustainability with Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network

BLS Youth CAN students are leading the way towards green change in Massachusetts with their Education for Sustainability Campaign, EfS curriculum pilot, and shared sustainable roofscape with community learning center. The plan will provide the tools for integrating sustainability curriculum, and a hands on learning environment in which to engage students in the big ideas of sustainability.