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What Does Oil Mean To You? Critical Questions About Resource Use & Conservation

A college-level educational course will be established using extensive photographic, print, & media materials documenting oil exploitation’s impact in the Niger Delta. In conjunction with an NYU professor’s “Media & Advocacy” curriculum, our goal is to create an interactive, web-based forum aimed at raising awareness about sustainability, conservation & eco-responsibility.

emPower online network (eon)

We will deliver original online video programming -- live and recorded -- that focuses on social, political, economic and health issues affecting people of African descent via the computer and mobile phone. emPower’s will not only discuss social issues, but also promote volunteerism and activism.

Mandela Foods Cooperative

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Mandela Foods Cooperative is the core of an emerging food enterprise network being incubated by Mandela MarketPlace. The vision of this model is to alleviate poverty and improve public health thorugh resident-owned business development and ownership in inner-city communities and that support minority farmers.

Kitchen Garden

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a) Kitchen garden & b)Rain Harvest are to be practiced among group. If a sufficient area is found in a house and they can form a group of 10 to 15 and do this as regular cultivation of fresh veg & greens.

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Mother Feeding

Baby food should be with iron, proctein & Vitamin C.
If the pregnant ladies are noted down and properly treated, then most of the Nutrition problem will be solved. In a village of 2000 people mostly around 5 to 10 pregnant women are found. So, it is very much necessity to identify them and give nutritious food of “Chatthu Mavu”, ie. Dhal flour powder (contains nine dhalls).
Alongwith the nutrition flour powder, we must council the ladies for betterment of their mind. The ladies are very fond of goose berry, which is very well available.



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From Fishmeal to Fish Meals

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TWB Peru is mobilizing teachers to increase the national awareness of the nutritional value of anchovies. Catching anchovies to feed humans would not only increase the fisheries contribution to national welfare, but provide an excellent source of protein to over 29 million people.