Justiça ambiental

Road Constructions

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

Easy process which does not costs much but can be used to lay very durable plastic roads.
Few Advantages of plastic roads are:
Strength of the road increased (Increased Marshall Stability Value)
Better resistance to water and water stagnation
Increased binding and better bonding of the mix

Social Farm


How we can help people, excluded from society, who inside them have so much energy to restart the economy. How can we get closer consumer and producer?
Social Farm is the fair-trade brand that can do it.

Make Your Mark


Make Your Mark is a youth program that develops young people's ability to participate in community development. Through discussions of urbanism and design connected to neighborhood parks, young people learn how to conceptualize and advocate for community-engaged and community-based projects.


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Save Earth (A youth initiative) is for everyone out there to create a group and try to make a change in the present scenario of our degrading Earth.

BCFC Global Trust

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The Billion Children Forest Campaign was started with a vision to create environmental leadership to the global grassroots people so that a newer generation grow up with long term climate vision. It was in a very embryonic stage with a name the Million Children Forest Campaign from the UN, NYC.