Tasty COW

Com fins lucrativos

PROFIT INCREASES caring for the environment. Faster production processes of cheese with innovative machines. The project is being funded by the Naconal Universidad Mayor de San Marcos in 2015 to sustain and win various competitions. Replicable and scalable in any location in Latin America.

The GARROBO Project


The GARROBO project offers a two-year job and life-skill training program to socially/financially empower single teen mothers and at-risk young women. It uses the sponsor factory's infrastructure, technical/administrative resources to sustain it, but needs to grow and scale to create more impact.



RubyMoon sustainable swim & activewear donates all it's profits to women entrepreneurs in 11 developing countries, through micro finance. Our clothing has 43% less emmissions than similar garments, reduces ocean pollution, is ethically produced & without compromising on beauty and quality of design


Com fins lucrativos

Ambercycle makes microbes that can plastic. Our microbes produce chemicals when fed plastic. These chemicals are the raw materials for new plastics. By starting with waste plastic instead of oil, we can make cheaper raw materials for plastic manufacturing.

Showerloop by Looploop

Com fins lucrativos

Showers are great, but pouring hot and almost drinkable water down the drain is not. Showerloop is a real-time filtration, purification & recycling system for showers. OPEN SOURCE - OPEN HARDWARE - ECOLOGICAL - ECONOMICAL



We are harnessing the power of fashion, eco manufacturing technology and social advocacy to help create sustainable change. We are proud to be creating an iconic multifunction dress that will help women help women! Thus why we are calling it "Women United".