I am proposing standard sizing batteries for mobile devices. This will enable usability to the electronics we own, besides manufacturers can focus selling aftermarket accessories,ie batteries, as the smartphone sales has been declining over the years. This enables old phones to get new battery tech.


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The first application that helps you measure your environmental impact and rewards you for looking after the planet.
It’s a free app, where the users can find relevant information and register their actions like recycling, biking, running, etc. These actions give points which can be trade for prize

Network Recycling

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Thousands of tons of reusable materials are ending up in landfills every day. Network Recycling is a disruptive social protocol that motivates agents in urban areas to organize stock of residue near collection routes. Unemployed citizens are empowered and material reuse increases dramatically.



All fuel powered automobile adds to pollution. Why not put an air filter on every vehicle? We can filter the incoming air by passing it through an opening and placing a filter in between which can be replaced. A vehicle powered vacuum machine can be attached to create the adequate pressure.

Brent Technologies Ltd

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Lack of Used motor oil re-refining and management solutions in Africa has led to penetration of used oil into the food chain causing diseases among people. Used oil when dumped in ground/landfills contaminates underground water making it unfit for human use, and also contributes to climate change.


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WAPOSAT helps to solve a global problem, the pollution of water, through a monitoring system of water quality in real time, in rivers, lakes and in industrial processes to provide all necessary information through the Internet.

Pesawat Kertas

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Pesawat Kertas is a volunteer project in building youth development to catch or prepare their dream. In Indonesia, formal education doesn't support youth to learn more about their future career. Moreover we will engage people to collecting their paper waste to supporting our program in youth.

CustoMem - Filtration System

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We develop customized membranes to capture and remove traces of heavy metal contaminants to tackle the challenge of wastewater treatment in the textile industry, the second most water-polluting industry. The membrane allows the heavy metal to be recovered and recycled, allowing for full circularity.