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It is becoming more inconvenient to carry around 2- 3 device that all do, essential, the same thing in different sizes. We are designing a general purpose cloud computer capable of replacing additional devices, being worn conveniently around the neck, and lower manufacturing CO2 Footprint.



Crazy engineering creates sustainable carbonless mode of transportation. An Advanced Pulley Pedal Glider (APPG) that also relies on water and soap propulsion system, iPROP, for takeoff and occasional flight adjustments. The glider is eco-friendly, reduces congestion and creates employment.

Clean Earth

This project seeks to earnest the use of the abundance solar energy to power Ultra Violet water treatment systems in an effort to make available clean and safe drinking water in every house hold with considerable environmental sustainability.

CleanCook Microfinance

Com fins lucrativos

To avoid the cutting down of limited trees, air pollution, smoke-related human diseases and school-time wasted to collect firewood, I intend to establish a social enterprise that will provide affordable leasing and microloans facility to poor rural households to acquire and use LPG for cooking.

Four Elements Conservation NPC

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Four Elements Environmental Scholarships have been awarded to selected school children to attend a 4 day camp on how to drive an environmental initiative, use social media, raise sustainable funding as well as engaging with nature by swimming with sharks and meeting wild elephants.

Pocket Stories

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

Travel Faraway at Home (TFAH) allows locals to explore the world through diverse migrant communities without ever leaving home. TFAH aims to reduce travel-loving Europeans carbon emission of flight travels and bridge local and migrant communities for a more harmonious and sustainable living.

The Sun Barter


The Sun Barter combines two simple already existing technologies to proffer solution to food loss of fruits and vegetables in tropical developing countries. These technologies are solar drying and the use of mobile text/SMS platforms. Less energy is used, seasonality of food and poverty is reduced.