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-Ouvrir à Dakar un espace créatif et une plateforme web pour initier des enfants et adolescents aux dessin animé stop motion dans le but de promouvoir leur génie créatif sur des thèmes en rapport avec le respect de l'environnement, les droits des enfants et bien d'autres....

REvolve Waste

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REvolve Waste is building the supply chain for closed loop textiles. Our Digital Network will connect industry stakeholders, ensuring recyclers have reliable feedstocks, salvagers and nonprofits can take advantage of this new market, and brands can responsibly redistribute their excess.

Totally Textile

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Totally Textile creates awareness about recycling textile in Kenya through advocacy and creating valuable home ware and Jewelry items from fabric scraps that would have found their way to dumping sites. Equips women with the ability to make the products from their home at their convenience.


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Enabling low-cost access to essential medicines
Reducing percentage of medicines that go waste due to expiration by getting these medicines
before expiration at minimum 40% discount to BoP consumers.
BIG Data for BIG Decision Making
Crowdsourcing data about impact of public healthcare policies.

Proyecto Raíces

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This initiative is about to bring nature back to the city. There will be a significant improvement of the urban environment and public health if we apply restoration ecology principles in the management of urban areas to create large ecological connectivity networks and conservate biodiversity

Int.Hemp Harvest

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The industrial hemp is the universal agriculture plant. It could be used for paper, medication and food. There is no other plant on the planet Earth that has more than 200 different ways to use and at the same ti