Energia renovável


Urja Unlimited : Solar Powering Villages

for profit

Urja Unlimited provides solar energy business solutions to rural entrepreneurs, empowering them to earn livelihoods through providing solar energy to rural community. Ours is therefore a clean energy + livelihoods venture that has a triple bottomline impact. We build & implement solutions that allow solar energy to be installed as a product OR a service. Over 75,000 villages in India lack access to energy, which forces a majority of the rural community to remain trapped into poverty.

Poult Vault Inc

for profit

Poult Vault is a business which sells life and frozen chicken at various sizes, use poultry manure to make biogas for households, produce and sell enhanced organic fertilizers and make pillows from chicken feathers . They also run a credit and schooling scheme for women, youths and school kids.



Sustainable Marketing and design firm to leverage unused urban wall/roofs/courtyards for vertical aquaponic and algae farms. We will also create an app and forum for increased community education and feasibility for use by anyone like Uber w/ decentralized approach to provide food and jobs to needy.