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Refuse a phone book

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I was surprised the other day when I came home to find a phone book at my door step, was the second one this year actually. I couldnt help but wonder how many people actually use phone books anymore with the smart phones and computers ect. havent used one myself in several years. And thought about the millions of phone books being passed out wether we want one or not. And started thinking about a website that people can enter their info. to NOT have a phone book delivered. can possibly save a few forests or so.

Thank You

Michael P Johnson

Tucson, AZ


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As the world grapples with the consequences of global warming and climate change, every effort towards facilitating environmental protection is becoming worldwide. More so, whereas global and national macro-interventions were largely vital, there is need to support and promote environmental protection. It is important that household’s institutions, schools, and even businesses be empowered to play their part in protecting the environment by being good stewards and actively preserving our ecosystem right from their backyards.

Chetna Organic


The Chetna Organic & Fair Trade Cotton Intervention Program (OCIP) was established in 2004. The intent was to improve livelihood options of smallholder farmers by making their farm systems more sustainable, profitable and creating access to ethical and fair-trade markets in cotton. Not with an intent of indulging in charity but venture philanthropy so as to empower farmers by engaging them to build an ethical supply chain for cotton supported by international collaboration through its triple bottom-line objectives, which believes in principles of ecological (viz.


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Non-profit collectors and urban farmers participate for free. The app will educate, entertain, and elucidate the enlightened business case for composting.

Thunk in India

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Innovations for a Green and Ethical Existence is our larger domain.

Our current focus includes:

1) Reducing the amount to waste reaching the landfills by Up-cycling to create high-end value added products. Innovating with non-biodegradable waste materials that generally find their way into landfills, and transforming them into desirable day-to-day-use products,

2) Uplifting the livelihoods of Underprivileged communities (slum workers, craftsmen) by involving them in the various aspects of the project

3) Providing alternatives for conscious and ethical consumerism


Delta Institute

Delta is a center of innovation that creates market opportunities to achieve environmental sustainability and economic development. In partnership with business, government and local communities, we develop and implement practical solutions to build regional economies that are job rich and inclusive.

Living in the Water Walls

The primary idea behind "Living in the Water Walls" is essentially to provide environmental awareness to the community while also reducing the electrical/water costs of a building. This visionary housing idea will involve the use of water permeable roofs. Rain water will permeate through the roof and through a filter where the water will then sit on a thick glass panel. From inside of the building, the ceiling will show the water collected from the rain. The water collected will then circulate through the walls.