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Merging HIV/Aids campaign with Environment conservation

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Human activities have caused grievous degradation of environment in Kiambu County. ie:- encroachment of catchment areas, cultivation on river banks, deforestation, unsound industrial/plantations waste disposal resulting to disrupted weather patterns and organism cycle including marine life. This project addresses activities and cultural norms that contribute to degradation of nature.


Tour Operators for Tigers (TOFT)

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Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) is a unique campaign.

Founded by a group of concerned Tour Operators, TOFT has now expanded to become a pioneering International ‘collective action’ campaign, run by Travel Professionals, aimed at those within the nature travel industry and all visitors to India’s wildlife parks, to advocate, endorse and support more responsible use of wilderness areas in India, and the Indian sub continent.

social empowerment

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Empower communities that have no access to common electricity. Use green alternative energy that is safe, reliable, available 24/7 and affordable to create possibilities for disposable income on a sustainable basis. We set up service shops in villages, train local persons as fuel cell technicians and install our zinc air fuel cells into individual homes. The fuel cells get re charged manually about once a month by the fuel cell technicians for a small fee.

Gender Mainstreaming through Women Land Rights

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Women have less control over land used for farming. Though they contribute substantially to the farm sector through their labour contribution. Idea is to campaign and advocate for the women rights over land. The campaign will be through Workshops, consultation meets and media writtings and compiling the perceptions of people on the issue. All the processes will be carried out through networks.

Biomimicry Youth Campaign

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In conjunction with EDGE of AFRICA's 'Workshops with Local Kids' Project and in partnership with the Eden District Municipality & Biomimicry Institute, we aim to start from grass roots level with the education of youth into the preservation and sustainable living goals of the Biomimicry campaign.

Oil Spills in the Coastal Areas

Oil spill in the oceans/seas has been one of the major concern for us as well as for other countries too as this could affect the aquatic animals,aquatic plants which is mostly used to make herbal medicines,birds and ofcourse human life too. Is there any way to prevent the oil spills in the oceans/seas is the major question asked by a number of people.


The Maisog Watershed Initiative (MWI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that aspires to reduce poverty thru knowledge transfer and capacity building programs with the aim to improve the value and quality of livelihoods in the rural areas of the Philippines thru food production, agro-forestry, organic farming, zero waste, biodiversity, alternative energy, education and eco-tourism through collaborative efforts with government and the private sector. Its main program shall be known as the Maisog Model Township Development Program.



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