Virada da Saúde: app mobile

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"Virada da Saúde" an opportunity to talk about health in an innovative way, without focusing on assistance or disease but addressing prevention. In 2015 had more than 900 activities in the city of SP, in 391 locations and 77,000 participants. An app mobile is an opportunity to reach more people.

Wastewater Colombia

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Aquaponic farms aim to move away from current agricultural practices and minimize negative externalities of car usage and road expansion, while creating jobs in Medellin. The jobs will be offered to displaced victims of the Colombian conflict and the food production will help facing food insecurity.

Proyecto Raíces

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This initiative is about to bring nature back to the city. There will be a significant improvement of the urban environment and public health if we apply restoration ecology principles in the management of urban areas to create large ecological connectivity networks and conservate biodiversity


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Piron is building new ways to improve healthcare assistance through the use of IoT and artificial intelligence.
We currently have a system to lower medical costs and make communication between doctors and patients more easier, giving automatic feedback to doctors about patient health 24 hours a day

Ekam Foundation

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A not for profit organization which works to bring in the holistic well being of children and mothers in the world by bringing in a confluence of CCPP (Community, civil society organizations, public sector and private sector). Our aim is to complement the Government and not replace it.

amazing farmers academy

Híbrida estimates that there are over 239 million people that are hungry and malnourished in Africa. Amazing farmers academy is an idea that aims to tackle this problem by involving African youths in agriculture. (through teaching, mentoring and inspiring youths to get involved in agriculture)

Henrific concept Project

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My solution is geared towards creating a paradigm shift in the fast food industry from high cholesterol fatty foods,to low cholesterol and less greasy foods. This is to create a healthy alternative for fast food consumers; which reduces their likelihood of contracting chronic diseases like cancer.

Henrific concept

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I provide healthy wholesome,low in fat and calorie food for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. Vegetarian tourists and individuals have issues eating at restaurants because of the lack of vegan menu. Hence to solve this problem,I deem it necessary to establish a vegan fast food eatery worldwide.