Problemáticas femininas


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Binapani, goddess of learning-knowledge, Tailors is basically a project for making male shirts and kurta out of traditional hand woven Tangail cloth that helps adolescent girls and boys to sustain their higher education and develop entrepreneurial skills to run their own business.


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Tzun'gantzö es un colectivo de mujeres artesanas del municipio de Tolimán y diseñadores, artistas y gente en general interesados en diseño textil con el fin de conjuntar técnicas de dos disciplinas y así generar piezas en donde se enlacen diferentes procesos de producción y diseño y así reubicar el


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Focusing on preventive health, sanitation and hygiene, the “Area Health Minders” are changing the physical and social environment in which they live following the concept of “each one, teach one”.


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Asia's largest marketplace for ethical fashion brands. Our 35+ partners receive marketing support & access to a fragmented eco-consumer base. Consumers have a single avenue to purchase ethically. We take a holistic approach to sustainability by supporting multiple socio-environmental problems.

Mama Maji

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Water is a women's issue. A lack of clean water access poses one of the biggest limitations on the lives of women throughout the world, but it also poses the biggest opportunity. Mama Maji empowers women through water, utilizing water projects as a platform for training and empowerment.

Fashion for Life

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Yayasan Alit is helping traditional fabric makers, mothers of children who are living in poverty, to keep the heritage of making batik or hand woven fabric, increase welfare, and reduce child exploitation/ trafficking.

Weaving Destination


Weaving Destination promotes the finest ethical eri-silk and vintage inspired organic cotton fabrics and products internationally that are hand-woven by vulnerable indigenous women from the BTC, Assam, India in order to create sustainable livelihood and income generation opportunities for them.


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Disability should never be the obstacle to fulfill dreams & create a change. DIS IS ABILITY reveals the true hidden potentials of such sector promoting social equity in education, employment, health care and environmental services for better life.