Visions of Youth

Our idea is to compile portraits and short statements from Pittsburgh youth and with their input, create a digital slideshow that will be projected on public buildings throughout Allegheny county. The student statements will focus on young people's ability to think globally and analyze their place and identity within their society, their school, their neighborhood, their state, their country, as well as, within the world.

Hoops for Hope: Peace Breaks Out on the Basketball Court in Kashmir

Upon arriving in Srinagar, Kashmir in 2007, J.D. Walsh was keenly aware of two things: how much he -- a tall white man -- stood out, and the tense geopolitical circumstances that necessitated heavy security measures. Kashmir has been wracked by hatred and mayhem for years, caught in a bloody dispute between India and Pakistan. Quite improbably, Walsh felt right at home and was immediately convinced of two things: that this "was a time for peace" and that it could be achieved through a game unknown to the Kashmiris: basketball.


How to Entrepreneur Peace


Changemakers's "Entrepreneuring Peace" Collaborative Competition invites and showcases projects with innovative, high-impact strategies for anticipating and managing intense group conflict and violence that afflicts societies throughout the world. The "Entrepreneuring Peace" Collaborative Competition accepted entries online until January 10, 2007. All entries are transparently displayed on the site so that this online community can view them, post their comments and questions, and help spread their impact.

How to Build a More Ethical Society


The Changemakers Innovation Award in Ethics is looking for innovative ideas from you for how adults and young people together can create a more ethical, morally courageous and empathetic society. Changemakers will give an award of $5,000 to the top three entries, as voted by the Changemakers community of readers. Additionally, there is a possibility that Changemakers will bring together the awardees with other innovators in the field for a meeting to discuss ideas and consider collaboration.