Every society is based on gender separation. There is no society in this world where gender does not play a sicnificant role. We want to chance that, since we are all the same people, the same amount of human. We should start working together to achieve the most. For a UNISEXIST world.

"Aula del Mundo"

Com fins lucrativos

Es un lugar de descubrimiento, aventuras, magia, en la que los niños pequeños y grandes se sumergen en lugares del mundo muy diferentes al suyo a través del arte, la música, la literatura, el teatro y todos los recursos inimaginables...

Zenikas group

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

Our project engage young people (both drop out and those in school) in a skilled work apprenticeship of their choice, like Shoe making, etc, afterward help them to establish by forming partnership with others at initial stage of their work, where they can raise enough capital to increase output.



Organização social que, através da arte, cria canais de discussão sobre respeito e empatia entre jovens e crianças, seus educadores e famílias. Carlotas é um mundo inspirado na imperfeição, onde as diferenças não nos separam, nos unem. Lá cada 'erro' é uma possibilidade de criar novos caminhos.

Sin Título

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

Basically, the project would be a network of volunteers that work towards the improvement of the living standards and conditions of vulnerable populations in rural areas of Colombia, by using their own professional habilities and the resources provided by donors.

All About Theatre


All About Theatre (AAT) is a young people’s theatrical training and production company dedicated to inspiring empathy. We provide a safe environment for toddlers to teens to work together to produce high quality entertainment and socially and culturally conscious theater. We are “empathy in action”.