Relações intergeracionais

National Steinbeck Center

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We will encourage meaningful exchange between young people, musicians and isolated seniors—an experience of intergenerational listening. Performances of music from the prime of their lives will inspire seniors to share their stories with teens, who will interpret these stories for the community.

Youth Community Service

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To develop a curriculum for educators and youth agencies based on meaningful, high quality, service-based intergenerational learning for youth. We will draw on diverse cultural riches of Latino, African-American, Pacific Islander, Asian, and other traditions to inform and inspire this work.

Canada Plays Chinlone!


We want Canadians to play chinlone. The object of this team sport from Myanmar is to keep a rattan ball up in the air using only the feet and knees. Playing chinlone does more than improve cardiovascular health, make you stronger and more agile - it makes you feel more alive.

Softalk Apple Project


Softalk magazine published 48 issues (1980-1984) capturing the
huge impact of affordable micro-computing on society, culture, art, and the economy. Project goals are to preserve, explore, and extend its legacy and to provide a platform for inter-generational storytelling and game play.

¡Yo juego!, ¿vos jugás?

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El ¡Yo juego!, ¿vos jugás? es un encuentro lúdico para toda la familia en el que se propone recuperar los espacios de juego y creación libre y sin apuros. Buscamos una comunión intergeneracional donde todos podamos compartir un momento de disfrute y creatividad en la naturaleza.