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FactMiners is a lightweight (no employees) Open Source game company/incubator. Our games' "playing fields" include on-line cultural heritage collections of Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAMs) and produce Linked Open Data (LOD) "Fact Clouds." All games emphasize inter-generational storytelling.

50+ Technology


This project aims to introduce senior individuals in technological means in order to communicate and get informed. Through intergenerational learning in a classroom setting, young students tutor seniors on one to one basis, in basik skills of operating computers and tablets.

Sue Ryder care centres

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On the long term basis together with Sue Ryder we are continuously working on increasing respect for the elderly. We are changing perception of the elderly and old people by the Czech society in order to help old people to live better lives and be respected part of the society.

Multi-service rural concierge

People in remote rural areas, often elderly, isolated, with limited mobility have no physical access to basic services. This project is about creating a public and private services concierge to meet the basic needs of the rural population. This concierge is based on a typical PIMMS legal structure that would provide access to all public services, concierge function and if necessary people transportation to the concierge location.


Vollpension is a social integration coffeehouse with grandma’s familiarity, cakes and inter-generational stories. A public place, where jobs for seniors are created to counteract poverty among the elderly while promoting the exchange among old & young people. Away from stereotypes and prejudices towards better mutual understanding and co-operative work.

Age Friendly Towns

The Age Friendly Towns initiative seeks to make Ireland a great place to grow old, using a multi-stakeholder process. By focussing on towns, the initiative is able to implement real change over a short time and make an impact on the lives of older people in their communities. This is achieved through collaboration between businesses, statutory bodies, NGOs and older people to reach practical and actionable solutions that benefit all partners.

Consortium of cooperation

Consortium Cooperation is a platform which produce socially innovative tools designed by HRM consulting firms which help big companies to develop more strong intergeneration cooperation among senior workers and their young co-workers. Our cooperation in consortium results in more efficient work and effective knowledge transfer from seniors to juniors based on strong intergeneration cooperation and understanding of each other.


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Veggie Conquest encourages a lifelong interest in healthy eating while incorporating the Three Legged Relay to encourage an interest in exercise. A community effort to eat right and group exercise is the encouragement northern Aboriginal children need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the tundra.