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Ung Omsorg (Young Care)

Ung Omsorg (Young Care) creates bridges between generations by organizing youth on elder care homes to engage in social activities. The mission is to bring that little bit extra care to the elderly, and at the same time offer young people a first engaging part-time job. Hopefully we will also inspire some of the young people working with us to a future career in the care sector.

Kisz Misz - taste of integration

Poland has no solutions for the long term integration of forced migrants. With no possibilities to support themselves, in fear of homelessness, often they decide to continue their migration to the richer countries of Europe. "Terra" is the first social cooperative that implement practical solution for this population through "Kisz Misz"a project of catering of indigenous dishes to Warsaw community and in future through ecological food production.

Cherish the Old-Care for the Young

Combining Lifestory and Lifemusic work to support person centred care approach in nursing homes. Person-centred care considers the whole person, taking into account each individual's unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs. It also means treating residents with dementia with dignity and respect. We support and train young artists with regular and meaningful work in care home communities.

Become my buddy!

Our aim is to restore former custom of neighbourly help. We are going to link a volunteer with the elder people from Gdansk and provide seniors with electronic system of telecare. In case of danger older person will be able to connect with 24/7 alarm centre by pressing the button on the necklace or wrist watch. Teleasistant is responsible to notify the caregivers - volunteer, member of a family or appropriate emergency services.

Project: Lasting effect

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"To improve, is to change."We as adults, need to find a way to put "FUN" back in life for our children. Knowing that any physical activity is great for us, our children are inspired and influenced by what we do. A roller staking rink breaks through barriers and enables parents to skate with children

Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre

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Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum, is a program designed to engage indigenous youth in traditional dance. They will learn different styles of dance, make their own regalia, as well as learn traditional songs. Elders will share traditional teachings, and the importance of embracing our culture.

Play Where You Live!

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Play Where You Live! is a neighbourhood-based solution where neighbours can access a website and/or app to link up for walks, pick up soccer, frisbee, softball etc. The concept is that all ages and abilities can participate, and using an app to "link-up" is a socially acceptable way to meet others.

Youth Empowering Parents

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“The instructor went through things too quickly. I couldn’t keep up.”“The computer course was in English. My English is very weak and I cannot understand well.”“I was embarrassed to ask questions in my English class, so I did not learn a lot.” These are just a handful of the many challenges which exist for many immigrant adults.