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L’agence E-voir, spécialisée dans l’Internet Marketing et les solutions médias, veut réduire la fracture numérique. Notre crédo reste l'appropriation des opportunités qu'offre Internet dans la vulgarisation des initiatives locales.

Social Changher


Social Changher finds solutions to issues plaguing Philadelphia by listening to her story. We host in-person storytelling workshops as well as digital storytelling workshops for women and girls. The stories are archived on social media to facilitate dialogue between community and decision makers.

Sports Information Traders

Com fins lucrativos

We help those who are looking for alternative investment ideas to grow their bankroll with our sports handicapping and wagering tips. Our punters are the best in the world and have been featured in the Eye on Gaming, Forbes financial magazine, Donbest.com, Yahoo! Finance, and many more sites.



Inter-institutional media challenge is an annual media challenge for Universities/Institutes offering Journalism and Mass Communication as a major course in Uganda. The premise of IMC is to create a platform for aspiring journalists to exhibit their skills and talents but above all to expose them.


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Creativity is no longer a elective to in the fast growing digital era. It’s the future. A creative house is the answer for young adults fending for their families’; a youth-centered, gender-sensitive, interactive and participatory training initiative Runako....beauty is within