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In these uncertain times, a well-developed skill set is not enough. It takes ingenuity and talent to market a message to the masses - one that is personally identifiable and fulfilling an unmet need. This is what I aim to achieve in my work.

Echo Mobile

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Echo's mission is to strengthen the connection between organizations and the people they work with, no matter where they are. We leverage mobile technology to bring the field to the head office, where our users engage, learn from, and inform their markets in real-time.


for profit

A new social media platform that encourages a new way to communicate with your target audience - using your creative questions and crowd-sourced responses to generate attention and valuable marketing data for you and your initiative.

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Tamba Jeunes Talents

TAMBA JEUNES TALENTS est un projet culturel technoligique annuel qui vise à promouvoir les jeunes acteurs culturels au SENEGAL particulièrement dans la région de TAMBA à travers une série d’activités favorisant la détection et la promotion de talents émergents.


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