Adopting Project based learning objects

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Adopting Project based learning objects : Thr role of learning objects supported by projects in teaching and learning

Ramallah, Palestinian TerritoryRamallah, Palestinian Territory
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Teaching with Project- Based Learning Objects(PBLO) can improve learning through merging technology with educational projects to help students serve their communities with creative ideas, develop long- life skills, and eliminate the oppression in education caused by the bank teaching.

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students could create jobs for their parents and Eliminate poverty in their community?

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Palestinians suffer from unemployment where most of them are unable to create a new project idea to serve themselves and their communities, some of them may have a chance to work in a job, but they face difficulties in innovation, and can't contribute in a change, because they are not accustomed to do in schools.Technology promised to enhance learning but not a lone, it should be supported by a successful strategy such as project based learning.

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Learning objects(LOs) are electronic units that are used or reused in learner centered activities to achieve educational objectives, when the LOs are supported by Project based strategy the result is: Project based learning objects(PBLOs), where technology provides simulations and animations to deepen understanding, and learner center activities help students to decide, communicate, lead, and innovate, and the educational projects help to create ideas, use resources effectively, and solve problems similar to reality. The result will be a strong approach that improves the ability to find and deal with sources, and make learners responsible for their learning, communities, and lead a change to eliminate poverty.
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Piloting of teaching with project based learning objects was done on a sample of seventh grade students, and was specified for chemistry, the teachers were trained to develop and use (PBLOs), then they applied it, data was collected from students reflections, teachers and students and parents interviews, evaluating questionnaire, and tests. Analysis of data showed that students ability of solving problems increased, and they were satisfied with their teachers and parents in this change with some challenges concerning to the existing policies, status of the overloaded teachers, time needed for change among students, teachers, and parents, and the culture of the community, taking into account the resistance caused by these challenges.

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Data collected from reflections and interviews showed that students mostly liked the learner centered activities because they collaborated to solve problems and shared ideas, they liked also the learning objects that attracted them, and with activities, helped students with different learning styles to understand deeply, and apply science in real life, the projects helped to take the responsibility of learning, create ideas, and deal with limited sources such as (building a lab from kitchen tools),these students, who refused to separate learning objects from projects because combination is important, are expected to solve real life problems, provide jobs, and communicate to change, but as teachers said:' time, professional development of teachers, changing policies are important factors to change the teaching system", studies are needed For persuasion and deal with change resistance.

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The piloting was done only for chemistry, and on grade seven, time is needed to build a team of educators, teachers and principals, to replicate the idea on all subjects and grades, so that teachers will work with each others and with there students on same projects this will help to integrate knowledge and create learning societies, so that the forces on the traditional system to change increase, and the learning societies will collaborate to solve communities problems especially unemployment. Developed PBLOs can be preserved in a bank and shared with other communities to move the change.

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Studies are very important for this idea to be generated on all subjects and students, funds from different institutions are needed, government cant fund all the activities(building LOs, training teachers and conducting studies)there should be a combination with others, we will make proposals for businesses, NGO to provide funds for this project to sustain, they can fund the trainings of teachers and the studies to continue the change process.

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Project of Mexico, Mexico: Ludic education for sustainability:Didactic games to improve quality of life, which seeks to educate young people through games, is addressing part of our project(PBLOs) problem, both are seeking deep understanding, learning by doing and learning by fun, but in our project students decide what and how to play they learn how to solve life problems, one of there projects could be developing games to help young's learning, during this process they will learn, play and solve a problem, then have an idea to work with a team to build learning games factory or bank.

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I have two children, one of them is studying by heart and doing well in exams, but the other hates this way of teaching and assessment, he apply ideas, but he is not doing well in school because our assessment depends on retrieving knowledge, one day he cried:" I cant do that", and the question was: is this student a failure? according to our system the answer is yes, but when i asked some students in universities: why don't you study physics or math? the answers were: "because we don't know what are their application in life", "the only resulted career is teaching and we don't want to teach", " they are complex abstracts and we hate their teachers", the answers showed that my son is not a failure it's the system that should be changed.


The major team will be composed of educators with different specialties(multimedia and instructional designer), with an accountant, and the sub- teams will include educators and teachers from the same specialist in addition to the principals that will facilitate working in schools. In the piloting there was one small science team, but we need at least five small subjects teams , they could be from different communities, and can contact online.
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Project based learning objects includes:1- learning objects that could be shared online between students, parents and teachers, and discussion can be done online or face to face when needed, 2-activities to facilitate deep understanding of concepts, and ideas related to an educational objective(could be online or face to face when needed),3- the educational projects that help to assess understanding, projects can be shared with rubrics, and people may solve the projects problems online and meet only if they need to do by hand. By this way a learning commmunity composed of teachers, parents and students will be responsible for long life learning, and can solve communities problems dispite of distances.

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We've piloted this idea on a sample of grade seven students, and selected chemistry(Chemical compounds), then trained teachers to develop and use PBLO, after that teachers applied and data was collected from students reflections, interviews with teachers and students and parents, and a questionnaire to evaluate the idea, in addition to pre post tests , we found that teachers and students and parents are satisfied in this change, but there was also some resistance from teachers due to important challenges related to the educational system, existing policies, status of the overloaded teachers, time needed for change among students and teachers, and parents, and the culture of the community, Thus, this change needs patience and perseverance to convince our clients. Results of several Local and experimental studies can convince the ministry of education in the need of this change, and its relevance to the educational system, I started working on this idea through an institute of the ministry of Palestinian education called (NIET: National Institute for Educational training), I’ll pilot more and more and make longitude studies to clarify the effect of using the learning objects technology supported by projects, and deal with challenges, then provide evaluated models for change, and train people to develop such models then share them online with other people who can't reach our city due to check points, and with other communities to transfere the idea and develop projects that overcome barriers and distances.

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More studies, group of educators in different specialist to scale the project, meetings with parents and school members, conferences for awareness of the idea, trainings of teachers, resources for learning objects and projects, connecting schools with internet, fund for all of these issues.

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At this moment i'm an expert in the PBLO and i can train people on developing and using PBLO, in addition to following them up, but i can do that for science, so i need a help from a group of specialized persons on other subjects in addition to multimedia, and people to train on the technological skills, we will work then to share the idea with group from other commmunities and scale it.