School of Farmers

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School of Farmers: Farmers access to education for sustainable development.

BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh
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Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil
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To give the light of education so that farmers can contribute in agriculture sector to country’s development and keep peace with the changing world.

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Eliminate the darkness of education in farmers mind

Problema: Este projeto busca solucionar qual problema?

Illiteracy is the curse in any country. If it is sustained in the most part of country’s people who are farmers and great contributor of a country’s development. This farmers do not know the basic education and lack of technological, ecological and different diversified knowledge about agricultural. So in this modern age it is not possible to develop the agricultural level or total countries development without this large number of population.

Solução: Qual é a solução proposta? Por favor, seja específico!

School of Farmers believe literacy is a catalyst for the empowerment of the rural laborers and small farmers. School of Farmers literacy programme and rights training workshops provide workers with the means to organize themselves and to improve their educational and practical skills, both of which will equip them to better demand that their rights to be respected. We will create youth community in every village in our country those who have high school education in a voluntary basis. Then we will give trainings about our portfolio so that they can give trainings to the local farmers. We also perform some big campaign to make awareness and collect information about school of farmer’s project. The project will be field school at anywhere.
Impact: How does it Work

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School of farmers will literacy the rural farmer. Mr. Kashem is a farmer. He do not read or write. He harvested lot of lands with his own land. One day an agricultural regional officer come to kahsem to know about leaf color chart method to reduce the use of insecticides. But when he wanted to make understand to kashem did not read the color name of the chart and officer was failed to learn the method. By this Kashem waste lot of insecticides to the land and also land and environment is in endangered for the over use of insecticides. The main reason of this event is lack of basic education of farmers is hampered of long term national development issue. So Kashem need enough education to conduct the sustainable development.

Impacto: Qual tem sido o impacto do seu trabalho até hoje? Descreva também o impacto esperado para o futuro do projeto.

In Bangladesh 80%% people are farmer and over 75% farmer are illiterate. By this project, farmers will get basic education to read and write and will get knowledge about latest agricultural technology and become very innovative in their sector. They also informed about current market to sell and buy products, awareness different social issue and connect with their community so that they can work simultaneously to get benefited. We hope by 2021 we can achieve 50% of the project. In the first year by this initiative we will trained approximately 1000 farmers and it will be increased 100% every year. And By 2050 we will be fully successful in this project.

Estratégias de Expansão: Avançando o projeto, quais são as principais estratégias para ampliar o seu impacto?

Our main spread is to literate farmers to country’s development. In the first time we will run our project in a district with maximum farmers are contributing in agricultural. We hope we will cover that area within one year. After one year we will be included another 5 district that will be covered 20 % of the total farmers. And within 5-6 years, we can contribute 50 % of the total farmers of our country. By this way we are created a big community of youth and farmers so that they can contribute simultaneously and achieve our project by 2050.

Plano de Sustentabilidade Financeira: Qual é o plano para garantir a sustentabilidade financeira do projeto?

we can make financial sustainability by some ways: 1) we will collect fund from different donors. 2) We will charge some money from the farmer. 3) we will create volunteers community (Youth Basis) those who dedicated their works to contribution national development. (They also awarded by certificate or something). 4) We will create another sub business by this project to earn more money. 5) Government help.

Mercado ou Setor: Quais projetos ou organizações estão solucionando o mesmo problema que você e como essas propostas diferem da sua?

There are 80% people are related with farming and most of the farmers are fully illiterate and rest of all lack of enough technology education. On the other hand government wanted to develop this area to total country's development. So government subsidize and invest lot of money in this area. And there are lot of business related with this sector. So it is offer a great opportunity to country's sustainable development.
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School of Farmers
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Md. Nahidul



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School of Farmers

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, DHA, Dhaka

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Amigos e família, Doações individuais, ONG/OCS, Empresas, Governo local/regional, Governo nacional, Clientes.

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18 – 35 anos, 35+ anos.

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Acesso à educação de populações de baixa renda, Outro.



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Aplicativos de celular, Software de computador - livre, SMS, Vídeo online, Vídeo offline, Áudio online, Áudio offline, Cursos à distância, Comunidades online, Outro.


Different farming technologies Uses

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Alunos, Educadores, Comunidade, Próprio aprendiz, Outro.



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The young people 6 and 20 years will be young educator of this project. So they will be more capable by our training and future leader of our country.

Descreva uma situação ou história específica em que seu projeto foi utilizado ou aplicado e isso possibilitou que jovens em idade escolar, antes sem acesso, pudessem ter uma educação de qualidade, de forma que isso os permita a ser agentes de transformação. Caso seu projeto não tenha sido aplicado ainda, pense em uma situação em que isso poderia acontecer e descreva o potencial de transformação que você prevê.
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we need some fund to start this great initiative and long term support by any way.

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we have plan to modern farmers education system and captured way to meet the requirements.