Hawaii Farmers Union: Growing Radical Roots in GMO-Occupied Islands!

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Hawaii Farmers Union: Growing Radical Roots in GMO-Occupied Islands!

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Here in Hawaii, place of more endangered and endemic species than anywhere - there are more unregulated GMO field tests than anywhere else as well! We are growing the newest branch of the radically progressive 107 year old National Farmers Union- advocating for family farmers, fishers and rural communities through its grasroots policy and 3-fold mission of Education, Cooperation and Legislation. The GMO and Biotechnolgy policy is conservative and provides us with the mandate to address this issue form NFU's farmer-authoritative perspective.

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Hawaii Farmers Union
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Hawaii Farmers Union

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Hawaii Farmers Union

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P.O. Box 1863, Honokaa,Hi 96727

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We are establishing a distinguished radically progressive organization that Hawaii's family farmers and concerned public can embrace and utilize for effective change.

How will you sustain your solution?

The Hawaii Farmers Union is a passionate, robust network of citizens, committed to seeing this project to completion. Additionally, we collaborate with local citizens to find continued support for this project.

What will be the impact of your solution?

We will bring a voice of family farmers to education and legislative efforts on countering the Biotech Industry claims about GMO's. In addditon we will be accessing Farmers Union expertise in Cooperative Development which will have manifold effects on agricultural economic sustainability in Hawaii.