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foto de Nikhil Saigal
Home Safe aims to establish a nationwide network of professional chauffeurs on call, around the c
Training and equipping women to run community-based bicycle workshops has proven to be an entry l
foto de a. b
LEO: an airborne cycle for personal, sport & public transportation.
We have invented a device that can monitor a bicycle wheel's rotation and award points to a
We invented a device called Caps (Camera Active Protection system) multipurpose device that can b
foto de Umutcan Duman
We developed sensor modules to put in any kind of containers.
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Le Mouton Vert, sustainable entrepreneurship contemporary wool textile design, has lines of cloth
foto de Alberto Alonso holds a database of +6000 geo-tagged sites for urban cyclists around the world mainl
We have developed a porous material that can be put inside a gas tank to enable it to store up to
Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers throu
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Ugift is the platform where heroes can connect with other heroes to deliver goods to people aroun
Mobilized Construction maintains dirt roads in rural communities in Uganda .
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In recent time, People are becoming more busy by the day.
E-Mobility is the future.
The first application that helps you measure your environmental impact and rewards you for lookin