e - Diary extension an innovative of ICT application improving productivity

e - Diary extension an innovative of ICT application improving productivity

Sri LankaGiriulla, Sri Lanka
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Collection of milk at village level and producing cheese as a value added produt in a centre located in the midlle of village cluster

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

In the present condition the village level milk producers are being deprived a justifiable price for their milk and required just in time extension services and information to meet their needs in animal health & awareness. The gaps in information and receiving and application of just in time dairy extension services to their day to day activities are vital for the productivity of rearing milking cows to generate additional income for house holds.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

A SMS through a mobile enable software system has been developed to ensure farmer productivity by organizing and establishing an effective communication link using information and communication technology to ensure just in time services in artificial insemination services and animal health care and other required services in improving the productivity of the small dairy farmer industry
Impact: How does it Work

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In the operating system of the project a small farmer could send a SMS with their mobile phone with the desired code to inform the system his needs and the software would deliver it to all the service providers in that particular service sector. The availability of the service providers with their confirmation back to the system with a reply sms enable the system to select the most appropriate person to deliver that service and create the linkage with the service provider and the recipients. Further a touch screen computer system has been placed at the collecting/processing centre with easy operating access to the farmers to fulfil their needs including sending sms, obtaining milk price in accordance with the composition of milk, animal health services, treatment for most common deceases and latest news updates in regard to animal sales, instructions and national level dairy related news.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

The small dairy farmers and public sector service providers sould be actively taken part in the project implementing process and intervention. No competitors Challenges:Mistrust in regard to current service providers, Limited delivery time, Reluctance of public sector service providers in getting involves with new programmes, Set backs experienced by dairy farmers in last two decades, Free service culture of communities, High concern of private sector service providers about cost factors in participatory activities,Incapability of deliver limited services and products [small volumes]

Founding Story

The villagers mainly depend on selling their milk through intermediate channels results, unjustifiable farm gate prices. Hence growth of socio-economic developments at rural house holds are negligible. Efforts of getting rid of middlemen by various institutions have failed due to market monopolies. The low consumption level of services such as education/health and inadequate food security gives very high malnutrition among the children are notable factors affect decent living. The poor services available for application of their day to day requirements in Dairy and Agro base activities the main factor inhibit their development growth. Hence we thought developing sustainable Livestock, Agriculture and ICT development activities at rural level is a vital factor for rural economic development.
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LILI Dairy
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LILI Dairy

País da organização

, XX, Giriulla

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, CE

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Mais de 34 anos

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Há quanto tempo sua organização está em operação?

Mais de 5 anos

A organização recebeu algum prêmio ou reconhecimento público? Por favor, conte-nos mais detalhes

-Best start up enterprise National competition-First runner up -2005
-First Runner up International BID challenge Business proposal Competition 2007
-Final 10 International Youth Soical Enterprise 2010
-Unreasonable fellow 2012
- E swabimani National award for best e learning content 2010 www.edairylanka.lk [MR.Sunil Rodrigo-partner]

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Há quanto tempo está em funcionamento?

Implementado há menos de um ano

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Qual(is) tipo(s) de solução(ões) sua iniciativa apresenta para melhorar a vida de meninas e mulheres através do uso da tecnologia? [selecione alternativas que se aplicam ao projeto]

Acesso a tecnologia, Acesso a educação/treinamento, Acesso a oportunidade econômica.

Qual foi o impacto da sua solução até hoje?

-Just in time services/advice at their door steps-Less expenditure in animal health care –cash flow improvement in milk selling income
• Less cost in access to informations and learning - cash flow improvement in milk selling income
• Maintenance of history sheets of animals- a better market price for animals when selling –more income
• Justifiable price for their milk- improved house hold cashflow
• Data and information on all Dairy related activities. –giving them better opportunities-less cost of production of milk that improve their cashflow

Qual é a sua expectativa de impacto para os próximos 1 - 3 anos?

Would increase the milk production within this farmer groups by 50% bynext 3 years. Expect to make use mobile and other Information Communication Technology would attract more youth and women at the households towards rearing milk cows as an attractive income generation activity at village level. The system would assist small dairy farmers, veterinary surgeons, livestock development officers, private sector suppliers in delivering their services to the end recipients bridging all the existing gaps and bottle necks while increasing the performance rate up to 50% in Artificial insemination compare to the existing level of 25% in the project areas

Quais são as barreiras que podem impedir o sucesso do seu projeto? Como você planeja superá-las?

Barriers: Mistrust in regard to current service providers/Reluctance of public sector service providers in getting involves with new programmes/Set backs experienced by dairy farmers in last two decades/Free service culture of communities/ High concern of private sector service providers catering smaller quantities.
Plan to overcome; Formed base e user groups./Continuation of participatory awareness and maintain continuous relationships between the service provider and the end user/Awareness and mutual forward agreements/Group procurement and service delivery arrangements.

As inscrições vencedoras apresentam um plano sólido sobre como vão alcançar e acompanhar o crescimento do projeto. Identifique as metas de seis meses para aumentar seu impacto.

Finding a suitable funding partner to implement the project

Identifique as três maiores atividades que você terá de completar para obter a meta estabelecida para os seis (6) meses
Atividade 1

Searching for a suitable partner

Atividade 2

identifying the other stake holders in the implementing process and establishing the links

Atividade 3

preparing the documentations after an appropriate survey on activity plan of the project activities.

Agora pense grande! Identifique qual seria sua meta de impacto para 12 meses

Mobilization of user groups- with leadership /Awareness& training- usage of mobile phones and codes in achieving expected r

Identifique as três maiores atividades que você terá de completar para obter a meta estabelecida para os doze (12) meses
Atividade 1

Field level mobilization with the assistance of existing village societies/priests of temples and eye to eye meetings with poten

Atividade 2

organizing awareness programmes with the cooperation of public sector service providers within the village environment and obt

Atividade 3

Racing required funds to meet the recurrent costs as we could bear the capital cost in equipment and preparing the required so

Por favor, explique de que forma o estabelecimento de parcerias é importante para o sucesso de sua inovação

Sunil Rodrigo- is my partner with a 50% share and a person having extensive domestic and International experience in Dairy farming/Milk processing and rural development. His technical expertise is crucial to our success, providing unparalleled insights on Dairy technology, equitable supply chains and local economy development

Fale mais sobre as necessidades ou ofertas que você selecionou anteriormente e/ou sugira categorias de apoio que não foram listadas

Commitement and cooperation of National and provincial public service providers which has the monopoly in providing Dairy extension services in Srilanka