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Porto, PortugalPorto, Portugal
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Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil
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$100,000 - $250,000
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Many children reject medicines. Some medicines contribute to the generation of dental cavities in 52% of children and also for the obesity and the diabetes. We created a new model of production of medicines more healthy and appealing; in the form of 100% healthy gums, lollipops and chocolates.

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What if we live in a world where the "candies" are 100% natural and 100% healthy, helping consumer health and helping to create healthier medicines and whose profits are used to support charitable projects?

Problema: Este projeto busca solucionar qual problema?

Resist and cry are ways of many children reject certain medicines, which is normal, because its unpleasant taste, making it an inconvenience for parents in treatment success. To resolve that, the farmaceutical companies added chugar to medicines. So pediatric medicines contains an excessive amount of sugar, some with rates above 80%, contributing to the generation of cavities in over 50% of children and for the childhood obesity and diabetes.

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The solution is to produce 100% healthy gums, lollipops and chocolates, no sugar, no gluten, no lactose, no artificial colorings... and add to them the active ingredient of the medicines using them as excipient; facilitating their administration and nullifying the contribution to the generation of cavities, obesity or diabetes in children, in elderly or in anyone. Once arrived at the formulation of goodies 100% healthy, we were driven by the partners to also advance to the context of food distribution, selling the same healthy candies but without the medicines treats, creating awareness for the concept to the market and helping to the education for health.


National Winner of the International Prize HandsOnTV Startup Tour Europe 2015; Social Merit Award winner - O Século Foundation 2015; Winner of the National Award for Social Entrepreneurship Smart Equity | Acredita Portugal 2014.
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In pediatrics at the Hospital of St. John was admitted a child with a serious illness that needs to take a specific drug that in its original formulation contained more than 60% sugar; as the child also had diabetes, could not take the medicine with a quantity of sugar so higth. So the Hospital Pharmacy prepared medication without sugar to give the child, but the taste was extremely unpleasant and she screamed not to take, hampering its treatment. With the project DoctorGummy the active principle of the drug was inserted into a 100% healthy chocolate (no sugar, no gluten and lactose), nullifying the unpleasant taste without adding sugar; it was possible to effect the treatment of the child has improved and she is now more cheerful.

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Without this solution would not have been possible to treat the child who was getting worse every day, because of not taking the medication.

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This idea eliminates the presence of sugar and other (gluten, lactose ...) in medicines, negating its potential to generate cavities (52%) and canceling its contribution to obesity and diabetes, feeding level allows access to 100% healthy candys that are not harmful to health.

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With our patent, we license this more healthier, appealing, innovative and competitive production model to pharmaceutical companies.Once we arrived at the formulation of candies100% healthy, we also advance to the context of food distribution, selling the same healthy candies but without the medicines treats;we established distribution agreements in 131countries, with companies like Walmart and we're also in negotiations with McDonald's Europe.

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The patent will allow the uniqueness of this production model for a period of 20 years. The option for the end customer are traditional medicines that are poorly appealing and often discarded and contributing to the generation of dental caries in 52% of children as well as obesity and diabetes. Added to difficulty swallowing and unpleasant taste of some traditional medicines.

História de fundação

Resist and cry are the forms of many children reject certain medicines, which is normal, because its unpleasant taste, making it an inconvenience for parents in treatment success, this was the starting point. To resolve this difficulty, pharmaceutical companies, add sugar to medicines; This results in: much of pediatric medicines contains an excessive amount of sugar, some with rates above 80%, contributing to the generation of cavities in over 50% of childrens and contributing for the childhood obesity and diabetes.


Carvalho Guerra|Biochemistry Maurício Barbosa|Pharm. Order Ana Venancio|Social Security Hugo Tavares| Social Security Paulo Santos|Pres. AEJMJ Rui Pedroto|Pres. FMAM Matos Correia - VP JC ERC Bento Melo|Adm. ONG António Ferreira|Pres. St. John Hospital Manuel Eanes|Exec. Board ZONOptimus Nuno Santos|Chem. Eng. Inês Martins|Biopharmac. Silvino Henriques|Microbiol. Filipa Rocha|Microbiol. Daniel Santos|Physiotherapist...
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Financial and Business Administration Sectors : Health, Food, Technology and Social and IES Business School Trainer in Social Entrepreneurship Social.

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InForma" Social Incubators;
Fresh4U - 1001 things ever imagined doing with fruit;
Spranger – You don’t even think;
Vitamin S - Charity Certification;
CES Association - Communication for Social Economy;
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- Prof. Doutor Francisco Amorim Carvalho Guerra (Higth-Professor in Biochemistry)
- Prof. Dr. Carlos Maurício Barbosa (Chairman of Portuguese Association of Pharmacists)
- Dr. Manuel Francisco Pizarro Sampaio Castro (MD e Councillor C.M. Porto)
- Dr. António Ferreira (President at the Directors Board of Saint John Hospital)
- Dr. Ana Cristina Sobral Marques Venâncio (Director of Porto Social Security Centre)
- Dr. Hugo Filipe Varela Correia Tavares (Director of Development Unit of Porto Social Security Centre)
- Dr. Paulo de Almeida Santos (President of AEJMJ)
- Dr. Rui Jorge T. Carvalho Pedroto (CEO FMAM)
- Dr. Sérgio Figueiredo (CEO EDP Foundation)
- Dr. Filipe Portela (CEO Mais Foundation)
- Dr. Ângelo Paupério (General Coordinator of Porto Solidarity Institutions Union)
- Dr. Carlos Azevedo (INSEAD Investigator for the Social Economy)
- Dr. José Paulo Magalhães Correia de Matos (VP at JC Regulatory Communications Authority)
- Dr. José Rodrigo Teixeira Bento de Melo (Administrator of the Holy Trinity Order)
- Dr. Ana Maria Príncipe (President at the Directors Board of Saint John Hospital Advisor)
- Dr. Manuel Ramalho Eanes (Executive Board Member of ZON Optimus)
- Eng. Nuno Adriano Santos (Eng Chemical / DoctorGummy CEO)
- Nuno Miguel Durães (Diagnosis and Therapy Technician)
- Tiago Pereira (Auxiliary and caregiver of the 3rd Age)
- Inês Martins (Biopharmaceutical)
- Silvino Henriques (Microbiologist)
- Filipa Rocha (Microbiologist)
- Daniel Santos (Physiotherapist)
- Patricia Spranger (Chemistry);