Community Food Security Coalition

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The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) is a North American coalition of diverse people and organizations working from the local to international levels to build community food security. We have a diverse membership with almost 300 organizations from social and economic justice, anti-hunger, environmental, community development, sustainable agriculture, community gardening and other fields. We are dedicated to building strong, sustainable, local and regional food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food to all people at all times. We seek to develop self-reliance among all communities in obtaining their food and to create a system of growing, manufacturing, processing, making available, and selling food that is regionally based and grounded in the principles of justice, democracy, and sustainability.

The Coalition achieves its goals through a comprehensive blend of training, networking, and advocacy to further the efforts of grassroots groups to create effective solutions from the ground up. We provide a variety of training and technical assistance programs for community food projects; support the development of farm to school and farm to college initiatives; advocate for federal policies to support community food security initiatives; and provide networking and educational resources. 




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Most African economies are considered to be unstable either due to political instability or lack of investor appeal. This factor alone (the instability of African economies) means that those in leadership have an uphill task in resuscitating ailing economies.

Today, those in power have to consider external factors in their economic recovery strategies. If anything the measure of a country’s economic strength can be said to be a comparison of that county’s economy with others. Investors can invest in Africa without necessarily setting foot on the continent e.g. an investor who would probably not consider investing in the continent for security fears perpetrated by travel advisories and bad publicity can buy shares online.

Due to globalization some major problems affecting some African countries have been shown to the world urging the west and east to lend in a hand e.g. instances where a country has lacked adequate resources to feed its population have been common in the past. International television stations have covered these stories which culminated in massive support from donor organizations in the form of food aid.

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