Andy Forest


Name: Andy Forest
Organization: STEAMLabs
Title: Co-Founder
Breve Biografia/Descrição:
Andy is an innovator and a thought leader in education and connected learning. His passion and purpose are to empower kids and adults to invent the future! When people are empowered to be makers, amazing things happen in their lives. By being creators instead of just consumers, they are learning to be the innovators of the future, today. Their confidence in their own abilities allows them to make the change they want to see in the world. Along with Marianne Mader, he is the co-founder of the non-profit STEAMLabs. As a founding member of the Mozilla HIVE Toronto network, Andy has provided assistance to numerous other youth digital literacy organizations. Andy was chosen as a Pioneer in the LEGO Foundation and Ashoka’s Re-imagine Learning Challenge. The Pioneers are educator-innovators using the transformative power of play to unlock learning and development benefits in young thinkers. Andy is an active member of the Maker Education community. He was invited to be a member of Harvard’s University’s Agency By Design maker education learning community. He is a contributor to Make Magazine, writing about maker education. Andy is also on the Maker Ed makerspace playbook working group, which produces guides for people setting up new makerspaces. As a public speaker, Andy has inspired thousands of educators and social innovators at conferences all over the world including Toronto, New York, San Francisco and London England. He has also taught programming, Arduino, web development and other topics to adults as a teacher at the International Academy of Design and as a visiting lecturer at the International Space University. Andy founded Dimentians, a successful web development firm celebrating its 20th anniversary in the spring of 2015.

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Kids are natural Makers. Help them play to acquire the skills they need to be Makers of the future - creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, tech literacy, leadership, citizenship and more. At our 2400 sq ft Makerspace, we prototype activities to share with educators all around the world.