Chloe de Roos Feinberg


foto de Chloe de Roos Feinberg
Name: Chloe de Roos Feinberg
Organization: Ashoka
Title: Knowledge Manager
Breve Biografia/Descrição:
I am passionate about health, wellness, new models used to expand those fields, and also the role of business and markets in creating a more sustainable world. I've trained village health workers on mobile diagnostic tools and believe that appropriate tools can become opportunities for empowerment. I want to see us move to a zero-waste world. One where byproducts of creation are then used in new ways and as resources and a world in which we design with the full life cycle of products in mind. Chloe joined Ashoka in 2009 and is currently part of the Changemakers team. Previously, she worked for Ashoka's Health for All program. As an eHealth-Start-up specialist, Chloe had evaluated low-cost diagnostic tools that can be used in rural healthcare delivery settings. Since 2011, Chloe has been part of the Changemakers team working as a knowledge manager. Prior to joining Ashoka, Chloe worked on the Biotechnology Engagement Program for CUBRC, a small consulting company, supporting the Department of Health and Human Services. Chloe has a MA in International Science and Technology Policy from George Washington University. During her studies, she focused on the links between technology and entrepreneurship in international development. She also co-founded the Society of International Science and Technology at GWU. She uses these experiences in her work at Ashoka as FEC leverages technology to bring access to rural areas via Hybrid Value Chains. She is the founder of Money Shakers – a financial literacy group for women in the Washington, DC, has evaluated microfinance programs and the use of ICT in microfinance while a Fellow with FINCA International and has evaluated the mobile health applications in Kenya.