Dorly Neto


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Name: Dorly Neto
Organization: Benfeitoria
Breve Biografia/Descrição:
Dorly Neto, 22, poet, clown and Public Relations. At 14 I started doing voluntary works, giving the Portuguese TAs help in the School of Education of Youth and Adult. In the same year, I decided to do a technical course in Mechatronics. In three years I attended, which expanded my horizons to the relation of technology with human beings. Then, upon entering college, I decided to study Public Relations, because the course included Philosophy, Sociology, Aesthetics, Political Economy and many other matters of great interest to me. I worked in a web-newspaper called SRZD, after I worked at Jornal Lance, the largest sports newspaper in Latin America, also I was a volunteer in the NGO called CDI and in social circus Crescer e Viver. I have also wrote theater reviews for the web-magazine Almanaque Virtual. In this middle term, I volunteered in TEDxSP and TEDxSudeste, and dedicated myself to TEDTranslator. Nowadays I work as Pontiff (who builds bridges) in Benfeitoria, a crowdsourcing-startup focused in realization of transformative projects.

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