Floyd Mayfield


foto de Floyd Mayfield
Name: Floyd Mayfield
Organization: Chichetekelo School of Arts and Science
Title: President and Co-founder
Breve Biografia/Descrição:
Through life experiences I developed a passion for working with families and children that are economically challenged. I've found my purpose in educating some disadvantaged children from a village in Mpika, Zambia, Africa. What I'm most proud of to date is the infrastructure problems to house a school for the students. I've been fortunate to have some very creative and inventive teachers when we need so many other modern day conveniences. We still have lots of challenges but the morale is excellent facing adversity. Chichetekelo means faith and it works for us.

Inscrições de Desafio

The Chichetekelo School of Arts and Science was launched to provide an education to children who had no access to learning due to being economically disadvantaged.

Acquire resources through corporate and individual donors along with volunteers to support and sustain the vision.