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Name: Hoffman Moka Lantum
Organization: MicroClinic Technologies Ltd.
Website: http://www.microclinictech.com
Title: Managing Partner
Breve Biografia/Descrição:
As managing partner of MicroClinic Technologies, a company specialized Rural Health Systems Management with operations in Africa, Dr. Lantum oversees business development with government, multilateral institutions and NGOs. He is also the acting chief medical information officer overseeing health IT services and the deployment of an enterprise management system developed to improve monitoring & evaluation of productivity, quality of care and commodity security of essential drugs in rural clinics. Dr. Lantum has over 20 years experience in health service delivery and health care management. He had held multiple management roles in a Fortune 500 health-related manufacturing company. Prior to joining MicroClinic Technologies, Dr. Lantum was director of business process improvement for a $6 billion New York-based health insurance company with 2 million members for which he designed programs and systems to optimize member enrollment and patient flow across the continuum of care, with a 24% reduction in readmission rates. Dr. Lantum obtained his Doctor of Medicine training at Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Yaoundé, Cameroon; a Diploma in Nutrition and International Child Health, from Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden; a doctorate in Pharmacology, from the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. He is trained in supply chain management and obtained a Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Eastman Kodak Company. He holds a Masters in Health Care Management from the Harvard School of Public Health. He is also President of the 2020 MicroClinic Initiative, a NY-based organization that promotes safe maternal and child health in Africa. Over 500 babies have been delivered with zero mortality under a program called Operation Karibu, in Kisumu, Kenya. (www.2020microclinic.org)

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Moka is helping to reduce high mortality rates from preventable illnesses such as malaria, measles and pneumonia by addressing key breakdowns in the drug supply chain that, if resolved, could supply and distribute life-saving medication to those in need.

ZiDi™ is a software developed for point-of-care (POC) tracking of commodities in clinics serving rural and peri-urban communities in Kenya. We are scaling a network of trained youth, Blue Angels, to promote ZiDi™ and improve availability, accessibility, quality and affordability medicines.

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Technology adoption in healthcare is slow. One consequence is health workers in low-income countries remain ill-equipped to manage stocks of essential drugs. Drug shortages and counterfeit abound. ZiDi™ is a mobile app for virtual monitoring and ordering of safe drugs, even in remote clinics.