Kristin Eno

Kristin Brenneman Eno

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Name: Kristin Eno
Organization: Find & Seek
Title: Director & Co-Founder
Breve Biografia/Descrição:
I was inspired as a sophomore at Dartmouth to teach public school, when I was moved to tears by Jonathan Kozol's Savage Inequalities and Vivian Paley's Girl with the Brown Crayon. Prior to that I had been committed to being a visual artist. I continued my "art career," but my ongoing art making (painting, sculpture, jewelry) merged into a life where education was entwined at every step. I went on to receive a M.Ed. from Columbia Teachers College, in the Art Ed department (thankful for the guidance of Judy Burton, to help me see the beauty and power of children's artistic development, and the mentoring of Nancy Beal, veteran art teacher), and ended up focusing not on children's art but on their stories, ie: their play, in outdoor settings. Digital Story Workshop later morphed into Little Creatures Films, which produced the mysterious film Spirit Ship (17 min, HD/Super8, shot on location in my neighborhood of Red Hook, with 6 children ages 4-10). As a result of focusing my lens on children's play, I became a student of play-based learning approaches, and began to train my glance on the Reggio Emilia preschools, playwork/playground studies in the UK and Europe, and the Scandinavian play/playworlds research. Having spent 10 years documenting children at play, and making films based on their play and narrated by their unscripted, beautiful sing song voices, I had two children of my own. This changed everything, and I no longer was so interested in making media for its own sake (or even for children's sake. Was it really for them after all?), but wanted to create hands-on experiences for children. Some conversations with a grad school friend and fellow mom Elisha Georgiou metamorphosed into Find & Seek, our current project that is working to expand play opportunities for children in NYC.

Inscrições de Desafio

The BNS Infant Toddler Center is a dynamic, racially and economically
diverse public Reggio Emilia-inspired center serving children ages 0-4 yrs and their families, which come from Brooklyn New School and Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies, as well as the underserved population of Red Hook.

Amidst an educational crisis, all children, particularly those living in poverty, need to play at their own pace, tinker with open-ended materials, and develop elaborate imaginative projects and stories. We build capacity within families and schools, so Play can take center stage in early childhood.