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Name: Ravi Saxena
Title: Volunteer
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I'm a volunteer with the DC Global office. I am interested in helping to create opportunity through Ashoka. I would like to see people empowered to be self-reliant and believe it is possible to conquer traditional or long-standing roadblocks to success. I have volunteered with several organizations for social change including efforts for urban youth, tutoring and grassroots organizing. As a career, since college I have worked for Government contractors and I am currently a project manager.

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Out 18, 2011 / 0 Comentários / em Protagonismo juvenil

With several youth programs floating amidst a climate of ever-changing public school policy, it is not always easy to see how all the pieces fit together. Why not collaborate to provide activists a broader scope of what is being done in the District and what can be done? And consider some of the most effective programs going on in other cities while we're at it.

As this organization of information, programs and blogs etc matures this can become a very valuable resources for parents who are feeling overwhelmed.