Sandra Lund Diaz


Name: Sandra Lund Diaz
Organization: Knowledge Building in Action
Title: Social Entrepreneur
Breve Biografia/Descrição:
Our mission is to prepare today´s student´s for tomorrow´s challenges by capacitating them with 21st Century skills. www, Knowledge Building International Project partners students and teachers around the world through computer-supported collaborative learning environments inside and outside the classroom.

Inscrições de Desafio

KBIP prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s complex challenges with proven strategies of computer-supported collaborative deep learning. Children can develop 21st Century skills like critical thinking, creativity, community and others to examine real life problems that need innovative solutions.

OUR VISION: Students at a very young age are capacitated with 21st Century skills able to solve local problems that have global applications. We support this vision by offering opportunities for partnerships in computer-supported collaborative learning environments coupled with hands-on project-based learning experiences. Here, students explore the “how?” of solutions to problems and situations of great consequence to people all over the world, provoking the innovation, ingenuity and creativity of those who dare to dream of accomplishing something great.