Steve Zika


foto de Steve Zika
Name: Steve Zika
Organization: KidKnits
Title: Executive Director
Breve Biografia/Descrição:
Steve Zika is honored to be the Executive Director of KidKnits, and is passionate about expanding the economic impact of KidKnits in Rwanda, Chile, and other regions of the world as well as the educational impact in the United States. Steve, with his family, reached the decision three years ago to leave his job at Advanced Micro Devices to pursue a new career where he could apply the business leadership skills that he had developed during his time at AMD to address critical challenges facing our world today. During the subsequent two years, Steve was the co-founder of Donavi, the non-profit that has evolved into KidKnits, as well as two other start-up companies. After Steve's daughter Ellie developed the concept of KidKnits, it started as a part-time hobby for Steve and the family. However, the success in the early months led Steve to believe that this project was a calling that was worthy of his full time effort. He left his previous start-up in August of 2011 to focus on KidKnits full time.

Inscrições de Desafio

Through the fair trade import of handspun yarn from women in developing countries, KidKnits offers a simple knitting craft kit which provides youth an opportunity to change lives. Knitting hats changes lives in Rwanda or Chile, donating them changes lives in their own hometowns.

KidKnits believes that American youth often do not appreciate the severity of world poverty. Additionally, staggering world poverty statistics often hide the names, stories, and faces which can provide an opportunity for children to empathize with those in need. Even those with an awareness seldom hold the belief that they can be an active part of a real solution to world poverty. Existing curricula about world poverty lack hands-on evidence to show children how they can truly make a difference.

Kidknits builds awareness of world poverty and cultures while empowering youth to change the world by knitting with fair trade yarn from Rwanda.