Live #SafeRoads Twitter Chat on August 12

Live #SafeRoads Twitter Chat on August 12

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You know that India ranks first in the world for deaths caused by traffic accidents. You know that most of the deaths are pedestrians. And you know that UL and Ashoka have come together to surface the most innovative solutions that are making roads in India safer.

Recently we had the opportunity to announce the 13 finalists of the Safer Roads, Safer India: Gamechanging Innovations that Save Lives challenge!

Today, we’re inviting you to join a LIVE Twitter Chat (#SocEntChat) on August 12, 2014 from 2 to 4pm IST to discuss the challenges and opportunities in road safety across India.

The #SocEntChat gives all participants an opportunity to engage with thought leaders, talented social innovators, and a community of individuals who are promoting safer roads across the India. We’re eager to share insights and trends from the challenge, as well as discuss that barriers that still need to be addressed.

So whether you’re increasing access to safe public transportation or working at the community level to make roads more secure, share your story at the live #SocEntChat hosted by UL and Ashoka.

Follow the #SocEntChat and #saferoads hashtags for updates. Below is more detailed information about the Twitter Chat and how to participate:

What is a Twitter Chat?

Twitter Chats (#SocEntChats) are real-time Twitter-based discussions. They are designed to provide a conversation forum for current and aspiring social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, funders, media, and supporters to share ideas, discuss sector-specific topics, identify the latest innovations, and pinpoint areas that require deeper exploration.

Joining the Conversation

Joining the conversation is easy. Just log-in to your Twitter account a little before 2pm IST on  August 12, 2014, and then:

  • Use the #SocEntChat and #saferoads hashtags to make your comments visible in the conversation.
  • Introduce yourself and take a minute to get to know the other chatters when you join.
  • @Changemakers will moderate the discussion and send questions to the whole group.
  • Send your questions to @Changemakers without the hashtag (to keep them out of the stream) so they can be considered for this conversation.
  • Stay on topic, be respectful, and most importantly, have fun!

We’re looking forward to your participation!



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