Disruptive Content, Collaboration, and Commerce that Saves Lives

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Disruptive Content, Collaboration, and Commerce that Saves Lives

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Maternal deaths are declining worldwide, yet over 350,000 women will die this year. Nearly all these deaths are preventable. A new non-invasive device is saving lives, for @$2.50 per use. The Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (NASG) literally buys a mom one day so she can be transported to proper care. It's effective, sustainable, and proving invaluable in the field. Maternova has helped fund the CE marking, along with the commercialization of this device. We are the exclusive distributor in ten countries.We also have built an online platform/network where caregivers are receiving training, sharing best practices, and their feedback is being compiled into instruction manuals. The Philippines, Kenya, and Burundi are working together now on our platform!

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Maternova, Inc.

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1. Scale up the usage of the NASG, and the total numbers in the field.
2. Establish warehouse space overseas for easy drop shipping.
3. Finalize the CE Marking.

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Maternova has considerable social media presence and reach already. What we don't have is a full time marketing person. We're a small team, and as a result we all wear multiple hats. This specific expertise will help us drive sales for the NASG. But it will also allow us to take those steps and incorporate that strategy into other product launches. We're working on a line of proprietary products (Super exciting!), so you can imagine how helpful this advice could be.

What three characteristics or qualities do you prioritize in working relationships/partnerships?

Honesty, and a commitment to making a global impact beyond profit.


Knowledge and subject matter expertise


Sense of humor and a positive attitude! (this is actually #1!)

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We really believe the NASG is a high potential product. Our goal right now is to focus any expertise and help we were to receive specifically on developing that product audience and customer base. It only seems logical that this will undoubtedly spill over to other specific offerings as we grow our lines of business. We're at a very exciting and pivotal point. We have to aggressively pursue our goals and be overjoyed with the help, like this, we receive.

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We have conducted pilots, and done limited marketing. Our collaboration platform is being used effectively to promote discussions and reviews of the NASG. We're just getting started!

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Increased visibility for the NASG product to potential customers.


An effective digital marketing strategy we might be able to utilize for other products.


Save more mom's, more quickly. Caregivers cannot be left helpless when a highly effective intervention is available.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Putting it in the bluntest terms possible, the Maternova NASG stops a woman from bleeding to death after she gives birth. A healthy baby is a blessing, thanks to better ante-natal care options, but all of it doesn't solve the issues of maternal mortality if the woman doesn't survive. Families suffer, the community suffers, and it's all usually preventable. We have shipped the NASG into three countries to date, and seen it save lives. Our partners share photos, stories and proof the NASG offers hope where there otherwise might be none. The return on investment for the NASG is staggering at $13.18-$45.00 saved for every $1.00 invested.

What is your project future impact after receiving professional support from American Express?

Our goal is to get more of the NASGs into the field. Not only in our own countries, but a rising tide will lift all ships. We are happy to partner with our trusted distribution partners and help them as well. The faster the products get into the hands of the caregivers who use them, the sooner we will meet our Millennium Goal (MGD5) to reduce the number of women dying in childbirth worldwide.