Emergency Responder Care and EMR for Panama's Indigenous Ngobes

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Emergency Responder Care and EMR for Panama's Indigenous Ngobes

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$50,000 - $100,000
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We deliver a solar-powered system for phone and internet service in rural locations. In conjunction, we offer software to maximize the efficacy of this technology with microloans and emergency medical records for smart phones. As a result, aid organizations have a suite of effective tools for alleviating poverty and offering health, economic, and educational opportunity to regions they serve.

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68% of the world's population lives without access to internet. See vimeo.com/60497507 for more info.

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A solar-powered unit with a cellular repeater, battery, charging strip, and a smart phone. By installing these units, people in remote locations can access the internet and phone service. Individuals can not only benefit from access to medical resources, but economic opportunity and education open up as possibilities as well. In this way, long-term causes of healthcare issues resolve themselves more quickly.
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In Panama, a boy has just cut his calf with a machete and is bleeding profusely. Rather than die, his father can call a doctor that can arrive with medical care. As he arrives, the doctor can also provide first aid guidance to the father.

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To date, this work has put 3,000 individuals in Panama, won a competition through The Global Poverty Project to meet Bill Gates (http://www.globalcitizen.org/Content/Content.aspx?id=216a7c43-2e3c-4b43-86b3-6905ddac6c08) and Alex Blum was named a TEDMED Front Line Scholar for 2013 (tedmed.com). Next month, our team will install five more units in Panama, putting 40,000 more individuals within close range of phone and internet services and the emergency medical care services that come with it.

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We intend to expand and lease more of these units to non-profit and for-profit health organizations. This revenue will create a foundation for us to expand our Electronic Medical Records software, collecting highly valuable data than can be sold to pharmaceutical researchers and academics.

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Different components of our project, like bringing light or telecommunications systems exist, but, to date, the entire package we deliver does not exist elsewhere.

Founding Story

Alex Blum returned from working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Western Panama with the indigenous Ngobe tribe in May 2012. While there, he translated from the indigenous Ngobe language to English and Spanish for a non-profit called The Floating Doctors (floatingdoctors.com) Upon returning, he realized that the incredible growth of phone applications could benefit the friends he had come to make while living abroad for two years. However, he lived in an area with no phone service, electricity, or running water. This led him to start thinking about how to provide a foundation of possibility to start implementing phone and healthcare systems to the region in a fast, flexible, and sustainable manner. More info at 00-O.com and vimeo.com/60497507.
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00-O Benefit Corporation
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00-O Benefit Corporation

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Implement more internet access units
Begin Microloans
Spread Awareness

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We need help engaging with organizations and governments that could benefit from our technology. We are overworked and understaffed and simply can not take advantage of the opportunities we know exist.

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Peer Relationships




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Since we have only started implementing our system as one integrated whole, we have not.

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New Clients


Expanded Internet and Phone Access in Developing Nations


Microloan System Implementation

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We have been serving the Ngobe Indigenous Community in Panama for over three years and have seen over 25,000 patients. We have collected extensive medical records. Additionally, our project has recently agreed to a partnership with Digicel, a major telecom company in Panama.

What is your project future impact after receiving professional support from American Express?

We hope to expand worldwide, bringing internet access and the benefits that accompany it to every individual on earth. By integrating the data we yield, we can produce better educational, medical, and economic outcomes.