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UgandaVancouver, Canada
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We are trying to take our product to market and find other interested charities who could be interested in engaging with a younger donor pool.

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Etu App

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, BC, Vancouver

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Project description
What are your organization's top three priorities in the next year?

1 Message & Brand Strategy: To clearly articulate your mission, describe programs/services, and develop a differentiated positioning from the market
2 Digital Marketing Strategy: To optimize digital channels (e.g., mobile, search engines, blogs, social media) and digital marketing to achieve your objectives
3 Consumer/Audience Acquisition: To develop strategies for identifying and engaging important new clients or audiences

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Message & Brand Strategy

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Consumer/Audience Acquisition

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We want to refine who we are and what we're doing.

What three characteristics or qualities do you prioritize in working relationships/partnerships?

Win, Win Win scenarios


Learning from each other


Growing with each other.

Will support from American Express be focused on your organization overall or a specific product/service? Please describe.

I feel like we have a great product developed and created in Canada and I’d like to keep in being developed and made in Canada (not have to cheap out and outsource the development to the US or Argentina).
I believe partnering with Amex will allow us to have much strong productivity improvements as we work to measure the value and market validation of the product. It’ll be nice to have you and other validate what we’ve created. We’d really like to increase our capacity and figure ways to scale this product and figure out how to most strategically commercialize what we’ve created.

Have you focused on the above area previously? If so, please explain, including whether you have worked with outside consultants before.

We haven't worked with outside consultants yet.

Are you able to commit 3-5 hours/wk over 10-12 weeks?


Are you able to meet virtually or at a convenient in-person location?


Are you able to meet in the city where your organization is based?


Rank your three intended outcomes of this project:

See more charities benefitting from the App


See more people using the App. More jobs for Canadians to develop and promote the app.


See the App raising LOADS of support and awareness for charities

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

We've seen over 3,000 users engage with the gamification of charity.
We've seen over 1200 users invest financially into charity through the game
We've seen over 500 users follow up to engage with the charity directly because of the app.

What is your project future impact after receiving professional support from American Express?

We'll see 300,000 users engage with the App.
We'll see 120,000 users invest financially into various charities through the game
We'll see over 100,000 users follow up to engage with charities directly.