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Fun and Funding

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Hi I have started a company called Love Cruise in april last year 2012. we provide charter of yachts to people and company for dinner and dance, wedding, birthday, fishing and travel. But we want to make it better by introducing a fund raising component into it, so for every

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Zong Huan


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My organisation's first priority is to form a core team which could manage the cold calling and emailing to companies to introduce our services with the intention that they will use our yachts for gala dinner and dance and team bonding to generate more sales from yacht chartering.

My organisation's second priority is to generate greater revenue this time round. With greater revenue we would like to donate 10 to 20% of our annual revenue to any charity organisation in the world.

My organisation's third priority is to able to send at least one charity organisation on a yacht trip one a year to let them have a good enjoyable time in the sea for free.

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To clearly articulate your mission, describe programs/services, and develop a differentiated positioning from the market

With the funding, I will be able to articulte my mission to the public and public will know that my company mission is not to generare sales but also know that we will be donating 10 to 20% of our annual profit to charity orgnisation and also we will send at least a charity group to free yacht trip once a year.

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Focusing on my orgnisation overall

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I have not worked with any consultants due to financial constraint.

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More sales and more awarenss of our company


More people will know our company has a mission to help the charity


To help more people who are in need of our help

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I have not implemented our solution/

What is your project future impact after receiving professional support from American Express?

A better website with datebase and more information and services will be shown in the website which will generate a higher volume of traffic which will generate more interest and awareness from the public and as such more people can aldo donate some funding to the charity benfificary in our website.